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[Starfinder] Dead Suns pbp

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Starfinder: Dead Suns


by Robert G. McCreary

Starfinder Adventure Path #1: Incident at Absalom Station © 2017, Paizo Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

For more info visit www.paizo.com/starfinder 


You all have received a message from a dwarf by the name of Duravor Kreel, a member of the Starfinder Society. In this message he says he has a offer for you that if your task is successful could bring you notoriety with the Society itself. He wants you to meet him on Absalom Station. After you've arrived he'll  show you around the Station, get settled in & help with your membership into the Society. Why he picked you? The dwarf has heard some things about each one of you off the net & knew you'd be perfect for the job. After your arrived, he'll explain the job in more depth. He excited to see everyone.


Now,  where or not, your a native of Absalom Station, you've decided that you needed some time away where it's a vacation or a job you're returning on the shuttle, Okimoro. A non-descriptive shuttle like any other that frequents the docking bays of the Station. In particular, Docking Bay 94 ("what a piece of junk".........^_^) on this day.


Absalom Station


The brightly lit docks of Absalom Station are abuzz with activity as travelers bustle by, preparing to board or disembarking from starships bound to or from any of dozens of worlds. Brash and swaggering star pilots, scurrying ysoki mechanics, and expectant colonists mingle with enigmatic kasatha mystics, hard-faced asteroid miners, imposing vesk mercenaries, and more, creating a microcosm of the abundance and variety of life in the Pact Worlds. New arrivals meet friends, loved ones, or business contacts, and are whisked away into the humming activity of daily life on the vast space station.


Docking Bay 94


Beyond them, ground crews tend to the docked ships, and dockworkers in mechanized cargo lifters load and unload freight and luggage.  A sharp tang of ozone hangs in the air—a byproduct of electrical discharges from the docked ships—but underneath, the station’s atmosphere has a slightly used aroma. The docking bay’s deck plates thrum beneath your feet, though whether it’s from the passage of innumerable feet or the vibrations of the station’s power conduits and air recycling systems is impossible to say.


Taking in your surroundings the bay looks like any other docking bay, a large, worn yellow painted "94" lays on the floor directly in front of everyone (everyone is in the grey "trapezoid"), that steps off the shuttle. A information kiosk in on your left. There are set of giant double doors North of the party & there are 2 passages that to the side of those doors.


 Anyone outside the shuttle, give me a Perception Check.

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Max, walks down the gangplank and sets down her ships bag (industrial backpack).  She looks around and takes in the hustle and bustle of the station.  Absolom Station is bigger and more chaotic than any of the other stations that she has been on before.  She is looking forward to getting to know this place.


Perception: 8+0=8

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Cain steps off the Okimoro and takes a moment to stretch, appreciating the ample headroom that was lacking aboard the shuttle.  


Perception:  10+0 = 10

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Switch steps off the shuttle, nose twitching as it pulls in familiar scents, and his eyes take in the world around him. It had been some time since he had been back on the station.  Still, it was good to be home...well close to home anyway. Casting his eyes around he sought any familiar faces, not really expecting to see any, but one never knows.


(percep 2+5=7)


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Xap wishes the pilot, who he badgered into showing him the controls, well and hops off the gangplank nose twitching to see if any of the mysterious "other clans" are related to him in some way.  The bustle is a familiar home to him although the station feels really old compared the the new ship he was going to be traveling in.


but that was the old plan.  a new adventure lies ahead, he calls Lex to him and has a look around


(10+4= 14 for perception)

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Zataka is one of the last off the shuttle. Anyone who knew him would see the excitement in his step as he looks all around trying to take everything in on the new and fabled location. His small body camera takes in the forward view, but his eyes roam all around. His four arms are almost kid-like in his anticipation.


(Perception: 19+1 = 20)

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As you all get a feel for your surroundings, you all see the dwarf. Duravor (blue dot) is standing at the intersection before the large double doors. He is tall for a dwarf. He has a steel-grey bushy beard. He is wearing workman's overall & would get lost amongst the other dockworkers if not for the Starfinder Society badge he has pinned on it. He is looking at a small handheld computer & upon seeing the party he raises his hand in greeting.


Zataka, you are the only one to notice there appears to be 6 people on the edges of the docking bay that are taking up defensive positions behind cargo crates & other objects. They appear to be 2 groups of people. The 3 on the right (green dots) have a crown emblazoned on their jackets. The group on the left (red dots) has a "21" emblazoned on their jackets.


Before the party can make their next move, Docking Bay 94 erupts in gunfire blasts as those people start shooting at each other!!!


Roll initiative! (Note I've got the gangs flipped. This is updated colors.)

Zataka may act in the Surprise Round.


Docking Bay 94 Fight!


Updated iniit: (orange will go in Surprise Round)

Xap: 22

Kings: 17

Cain: 12  *

Switch: 12*

Max: 7

21: 6



(Whoever has the higher Dex goes first)

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(Initiative: 5 + 0 = 5)


Zataka sees the gunfight fixing to happen and Runs across the Open area toward Duravor. Yelling, “Duravor... guns!” in common as he crosses over.


(will end up on the side of the red dots toward the large crate... if he makes it through the volley. On the next round he will draw his pistol before deciding on an action.)


Photon Mode Atuning

Edited by Grayfax

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Xap:  19+3 = 22


Xap is momentarily dumbfounded as gunfire opens up around him muttering "Oh, come on, I haven't done anything yet..."

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(8+4=12 init)

His eyes went wide and his ears fell flat the moment gunfire erupted. For a moment he didn't seem to know what to do, or where to go. 

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(Apologies, with the Black Out, I kinda haven't kept up with the board)


Surprise Round:



The " Crowns" takes aim at the "21s" Going North to South

Left-Green 1 (G1) fires a azimuth laser pistol at Duravor! The dwarf is hit in the back & goes down in heap! The human gang member gives a big smile.

Left-Green 2 (G2) fires a azimuth laser pistol at Right-Red 3 (R2) it hits but for only 2 pts of fire damage!

Left-Green 3 (G3) fires a azimuth laser pistol at Right-Red 3 (R2) but the laser blast hits one of the barrels that he is hiding behind.


The "21s" return fire!


#R1 fires a azimuth laser pistol at #G3 but the blast hits the shipping crate close to the gang member.

#R2 fires a azimuth laser pistol at #G2 & hits! The blast tags the human in the shoulder for 2 pts of fire damage.

#R3 fires a azimuth laser pistol at #G2 as well! HIs blast thou misses badly



Your words fail to keep the dwarf safe but you do make it to the crate.  


Round #1


Everyone roll a D6. After that, Xap go ahead.


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