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Geoff Davis

03393 Vistaril Quillscratch, Wizard

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You are right.  He deserves better basing.  I got in the habit of not putting much effort into the basing because the players in my D&D game tend to be very rough on miniatures.  For example, pushing them around the board with the tip of a felt marker (why bother putting the lid back on...grrr).  I need to get back into the habit of giving the miniatures the proper finishing touches. 


Anyway, I gave him a quick and dirty basing upgrade.  As a druid, once the players are done murdering him, he should get to spend the rest of his existence on a shelf surrounded by the wuids, while drinking fermented fluids.  Or, barring that, at least surrounded by a few little red flowers.



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He looks great, love what you did with the green robes!

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Cloak, robe, and leathers. All great work!


I especially like your work on his face and beard.

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The little extra work on the base really improves an already very nice figure!

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