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Geoff Davis

03322 Effreet Emir

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Ah! The enemy of muscle wizard. He encourages violence!


Great work!


May I ask: is the base supposed to stay like that? It looks a bit colorless to me

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Yeah, I generally don't put much onto the bases because I use most of my miniatures for gaming.  My players tend to knock off anything more complex put onto a base. 



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Your point is well taken, though.  I stopped putting much effort into basing and the miniatures deserve better. 


Here is an example of one I did a while back.   

Shazathared as an efreet


I'm thinking I might try to add some smoke to the emir's base to make it more lively. 


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Looks great! Might be good to get a little color/shading on the base just to make it more interesting.

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I took the comments about basing to heart.  I have not focused very much on basing before.  I usually just leave them bare or throw on some sand and green junk.   So, here is my upgrade to the efreet emir's base.  C&C are very welcome.  My aim is to get better at all aspects of miniature painting/finishing.











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Wow! Those fires  emerging from footsteps are uncanny!! Very original and perfectly made! Your painting of the Emir is top notch as well but your base somehow outshone the mini itself if you ask me..


I used to skip the bases as well, since I paint tabletop and "fear" that intricate bases will not endure the "players' wrath".. However, as one wise Reaperite had said "Some base is always better than no base".. And it truly is.. And players are not that bad.. Well.. Not always ^_^ 


So congratulations not just to the awesomeness of your work but your perseverence in having the will to improving what you have already deemed finished... It can be very hard to do... Well done!

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