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scorched shield

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Trying for a scorched look on this shield and don't think this pulls it off ( it's Sir Rathan from DDS2 getting his hindquarters handed to him  by Navatharr via her fire breath ) ..  I went Brown Liner covered with Blackened Steel, then put Citadel Leadbelcher in a spot in the center (to simulate it being seared to the bare metal.  I then put dabs of Pure Black on in a ring around the seared mark and finger-brushed that away from the circle while it was still wet.. 



I feel like it's looking more like a silver emblem of some sort on the shield than a sear mark ( that and it looks like there's a fingerprint there in the center.. lol )


Any suggestions?  I googled scorch marks and got a great couple of tutorials on searing the end of a gun on space marines, but nothing that seemed to apply well to this scenario..




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I prefer a little bit of brownish color to the metal.  Reaper has a MSP "Scorched metal," but you can make your own via some warm brown paint (like Intense Brown/Ruddy Leather or Golden Brown from the HD line) mixed with a tiny bit of gold.  As in, just enough to get some metallic flakes but not enough to register "gold."  Thin this down to a glaze consistency (you'll probably need medium rather than water to do that). 


The hottest points (the center) should be almost black, to emphasize the scorching, carbonizing heat.  So, lots of glazing to achieve the look.


If the blast of heat hit straight on, the pattern will be an irregular starburst shape, as the shield deflects the heat up/down/left/right.  You want irregular because the source of the heat was irregular.  The flame will act just like a spray of water would, following the path of least resistance.  From your picture, it appears that the center of the flame hit center-right (or, from the model's perspective, center left).  So I'd center the blast there, and have it "drain" to the left (model's right).


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