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Geoff Davis

14093: Finari, Crusaders Hero

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I agree!

Wonderful conversion!


Can't wait to see it painted!

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Slight progress.  Base has been built up with epoxy, base coats re-done, armour plates prepped for NMM.  The spaces in the chain barding are so deep that I can't get the paint to properly penetrate all the way to the bottom.  Spray-on white primer made it all the way into the deep recesses, but the black won't seem to flow in, highly thinnned, flow aid, multiple coats etc and I can still see bright white dots through the chain mail. 


I'm not very happy with how the shield turned out.  I may tear it off and replace it with one made of greenstuff. 



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Progress on the NMM on the barding plates.  I am going for a chrome-like appearance, late evening colours.  I am using black and white and oxford blue for the sky reflection, and a walnut brown series for the ground reflection.


Horizons roughed in.





Sky reflection done. 





Ground reflection, edge highlighting done.



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Something about this NMM chainmail just doesn't look right.  My plan is a thin layer of gloss finish over just the top layer of the chainmail and then use a black wash on it.  Anyone have any suggestions?



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This is an awesome project. I love Finari, and I've been thinking about a similar conversion for a different mini, so I love this thread for a lot of reasons.


For your NMM chainmail...I personally think part of the issue is that you're treating the whole drape of chain as a single object. Assuming that every link in the chainmail is also chrome (or chrome-ish), it wouldn't reflect as a single object...each link would reflect an image. Which means each link would have a bright horizon line, a dark ground shadow, and dark adjacent-ring shadows. And while the overall effect might be similar to what you have (because each ring would reflect light based on it's own angle, so the ones nearer the ground would reflect less sky, etc.), It would be more like a photomosaic than a single image.


Which sounds really complicated! But I think you could get away with leaving what you have, and just adding some tiny bright specks where each ring's horizon line would be. A gloss coat might accomplish some of that effect, but only if the mail is really well defined.


I also wonder if it might not be more visually interesting if you played with contrast and painted the chainmail as though it were oiled or blued, so the plate barding is bright and shiny and the mail is dark.


My tuppence, hope some of my rambling is useful to you! The plate looks top notch, so I'm looking forward to the rest!

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Thanks very much for your comments and ideas.  I made the choice to treat the chain as a single sheet rather than rings because it is a wavy sculpt style of rings rather than rings.  When I did a small test patch with dry brushing it did not look like rings it looked more like waves.  I've seen some real armour that looked like that but it is not lending itself well to NMM techniques.  I read one article that suggested using metallic paint on the chain and NMM on the plates but they had relatively little chain.  I think that would be glaringly obvious if used in this case.  I'm a bit stumped.

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Possibly i could paint the 'frown' part of each tiny segment of wave like its reflecting horizon and sky, and the 'smile' part of each segment like its reflecting ground.  I have a feeling that would look very messy up close and a uniform neutral colour from a distance.  I feel like I need to think more about the overall effect I'm looking for, which is a very shiny paladin at twilight and how to get the chain mail sections to support the overall look.

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So, the waves are horizontal, so as you say, they have a frown and a smile. In actual chainmail (assuming a 4in1 pattern), you get the same thing, as each row of rings will alternate with either the top or bottom of the ring slanted outward.


The outermost part of each ring will catch the most light...so a tiny dot of your brightest highlight at the peak of each frown and the bottom of each smile will create that illusion. You don't want to drybrush this, that will just get highlight everywhere. Keep the overall image of horizon/sky, but these tiny pinpoints will make it appear the image is made of many small objects.


The only thing I could think otherwise would be to forgo the SENMM effect on the chainmail entirely, but use the wave pattern to create highlights and shadows. So maybe the smiles are all bright while the frowns are all dark, or vice versa. And you could reverse that scheme in certain places to accentuate the waves in the "cloth."

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Maybe a gray or black wash over what is there now first, to dull down the brightness of the current highlighting, followed by the sets of dot highlights as you suggest.  If the highlights are lined up neatly vertically, it might not look too messy.  I'm going to find something old to test this on first.  Thanks very much for the suggestion.

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well to me it looks like your not using the senmm (sky-earth-nmm) like you did on the plates. I don't see the dark blue of the moon on top or the white horziontal in middle or the earth on the bottom (not sure if that's black or brown on some spots) of the chainmail. and when you do that I would highlights the bends (round mounds) in a lighter color for your wave effect. and sorry imo I don't like the earth color you used it's like too black, I would suggest a more violet or burgundy wine color for the ground even thou its midnight, (I tried to think of a brown-blue but couldn't why I suggested a violet-red color for the red brown) or grey! for the ground.

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