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Geoff Davis

14093: Finari, Crusaders Hero

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7 hours ago, kazmania7 said:

it looks like your not using the senmm (sky-earth-nmm) like you did on the plates


You are correct.  I had intended to, but I didn't attempt it in the end because the pattern of the chain mail on the sculpt isn't lined up uniformly.  It changes directions in several places.  I've indicated some of the direction changes with arrows on the photo below.  




I attempted to do the highlight dots as discussed with Sanael above, but as predicted it looks really messy.  In part because of the direction changes in the mail, but mostly because my eyes, my hands and my paint thinning were not up to the task last night.  I'm going to work on some other parts of the mini for a while while I ponder what to try next with the chain mail.  I'm not averse to starting again, or I may simply say 'good enough for this mini' and try a different approach on the next one.  Here's a photo of how badly the dots turned out. 




I appreciate your comment about the ground colour.  I need to adjust the earth colour on the senmm plates to make it more of a logical reflection of the actual earth colour I use on the base.  I will ponder that one as well. 


I'm also trying to plan out how I'm going to finish the base.  I'm going to make it look like a muddy track through a field where there are still plants growing to the sides of the track, but the track itself is a churned up mess.  The plants will need to be relatively dark to avoid having too much of a tone change from the rest of the mini.

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Cool ! now I see the brown much better in these recent pics and I like! kudos! and also the bend refracting on the chain.

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So after thinking about what Sanael and kazmania7 said, I decided on a couple of things.  First, instead of changing the hue of the earth reflections on the armour, I changed the colour of the ground to be similar to the armour.  It looks a bit better now I think.  I'll add some brighter highlights to the horse's skin to increase the contrast with the ground. 




I also started a practice project to work out how to do the much smaller plates on the rider's armour on this project.  I am doing senmm on this miniature:  Female Giant Warmain


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Some progress.  Eyes painted, horizons marked on the torso and spear.




Sword painted.  Sorry about the blurry photo.




Test fit of the pieces before painting the torso and leg armour.  Sword wouldn't fit properly and position had to be changed.




This is a test fit as well.  I dropped her torso at some point and dinged her hair.




Reassembled after fixing the dings and painting the armour.




Sword re-positioned. 




Looking focussed and badass.




Next steps are freehand design on the shield and finishing the basing. 





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I finished her shield and added a glaze of oxford blue to tie it into the upper surfaces of her armour.  A little touch of yellow on the mane and stars made it really pop out. 



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I added some green static grass to her base.  Not a lot, as I intended the base to look a trampled dirt track and too much green would obscure the connection between the colour of the ground and the reflections on her armour.  I think she is done.  I started this project in 2011 and it feels good to have her finally off the shelf of shame and finished.  My thanks to those who offered advice on how to finish her.


Her show-off thread is here:    Finari Mounted Show-off























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Added link to showoff
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