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Doodling today; thinking of adding a banner for my crew. The

plant badge leaf is a place holder and would need to be replaced

with something real; the badge is a rock. ::D:


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Good report Rob, and nice looking banner.  Skorri looks forward to capturing it.........


Well Skorri finally got around to completing his report from the Abandoned Mines and will start working on the next report.


You can read the report here:  The Abandoned Mines


Hope you enjoy it,




Skorri getting ready to hit an opposing crew woman with a chair


Edited by Knabe
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Super write-up as usual, Knabe!   


I should have mine ready from the October game ready either later today, or tomorrow morning.


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Finally got my report written from the Saurian Breakfast game we played back on Oct.13th.   


For Rob Dean's tale of the battle, see his post on the previous page:  http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/78871-our-ghost-archipelago-campaign-2018/&do=findComment&comment=1763394


My full account, and more photos, can be seen on my blog:  Saurian Breakfast


      "...At last Lilisea felt her feet touch the sandy bottom, but as she went to stand a strong hand grabbed her tightly around the ankle and yanked her leg hard.  She lost her balance, fell forward, and was pulled under the water.  Trying desperately to break free, the Crew-woman kicked her leg, and, clawing the bottom with her free hand, tried to twist around so she wasn't facing the ponds floor.  The man released his grip, and quickly moving alongside her punched her hard in the back.  The air went out of her, as the Pearl Diver now grabbed her by the back of the head, and shoved it under the water and down to the pond's bottom..."




     "...Calling on his inherited abilities once more, the Lord Fortrywn attempted to leap up and use the wall behind him as a springboard, but the wound must have weakened him worse than he thought, as he was not able to gain the momentum needed; and his attempt to Evade failed.  His foot hit the wall but he was unable to propel himself upwards.  His blood burned now like molten iron under his skin.  (Fail my Evade attempt, another -3 HP) The enemy Crewmen were at first startled by the Elf Lord's upward movement, but quickly regained their wits, and as the Heritor landed clumsily, they struck once more..." 





Edited by Chris Palmer
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