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Awesome eyes!

Well done!


BONUS POINTS for painting a WOLF!




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Thanks, everyone.

I spent some time on web images trying to find eye pictures to get them believable.  Glad you liked them.

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Those eyes are just off the charts! I will blatantly copy them if you dont mind for my wip wolves. ^_^ 


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The Wolf is a WONDERFULLY painted creations. The eyes make it something special. VERY WELL DONE!

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      I finally got photos uploaded to the blog. Here's the link to them so I don't have a super picture heavy post. ETA: All the minis are from the Bones 3 KS. 
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    • By Evilhalfling
      I got the coloring from pictures of tattoos.
      apparently many also have green spots.
      I Aint doin green spots. 
      He was fun to paint, I may get a second one for a diorama,.

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           Jazz hands?

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