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As mentioned elsewhere, I'm running some Savage Rifts, so I'm in need of a bunch of Big Stompy Robots. Now while I don't have any Rifts specific ones (mostly because as far as I know they have never been made), I do like me some Big Stompy Robots.  As we're playing using 28 mm figs, that ruled out CAV, Robotech, etc.  But, as luck would have it, do have some others. So the first one I'm building is West Wind's SOR-G03, the Tiger Mecha.  I recently received this as an add-on from their Panzermech Kickstarter.  When I ordered it I didn't really realize quite how big it actually is.  This thing is massive!!



This is where I'm at so far.  Just glued the lower torso to the base.  There will be some gap filling to do around the feet, but that's not bad, its just dirt and rubble so should be easy to add to.

The turret is all prepped and I've been prepping the many metal pieces (the ones on the paper are ready, the stuff on the mat is for the next session).

I haven't done much resin (not to say I don't own lots, just none of it is done :blink:).  I'm tempted to magnetize the center pivot, so the turret could rotate.  A couple issues with that though: 1) I need to find my magnets, 2) I got my magnets for Robotech (6mm scale) so I'm not sure I have anything big enough, 3) I've never done magnets with resin, 4) I've never done magnets with that much surface contact, so don't know what wear on the paint would be like.



Paint scheme will be using the late war German paint colours from Scale 75, as I got those most of a year ago for the panzer I was going to do during the actual Panzermech kickstarter (and which is still sitting on top of my desk in a baggy).

Secrets of the Third Reich takes place in 49 (with the war having not ended) so that seems appropriate.

I'm not planning on using an airbrush (since I still haven't learned to use mine...sigh, or even have it set up currently). So we will see how it goes.  At least it is smaller than Khanjira.


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A bit more progress.  Went over the remaining bits and removed mold lines and the like.


I also found the variety pack of magnets I'd picked up.  Hopefully the 2 big ones (on the right by the turret) will be adequate.

I'm not prepared to try to figure out the center of that turret, and drill a hole, and probably dremel it out to the right size, just yet (let alone figure out the matching spot on the lower torso).

Luckily anything I screw up will be completely invisible once assembled, and worst case I can always glue the torso if it doesn't work out....


But I still had some tea left so I cleaned up a bit and decided to start with the priming.  I don't want too dark a primer as the base colour for the German's is a sort of brown-yellow called Dunkelgleb.

Was going to go with Reaper Grey Primer but them remembered I had a sample bottle of Stynylrez primer for a previous Reapercon bag so I went with it instead, since its sort of a medium green-grey.

Plan was just to prime most of the metal (not the tank commander, he has a freshly glued on head....), in most cases while holding it, so there will be a second priming session (at least).

I also did a good job of priming a couple of finger tips.

When I got the metals done I had a LOT left, or so I though, so started on the lower torso, staying away from where the feet meet the base, as I've got a fair amount of putty work to go on there.

All that extra primer was almost enough for one leg...



Someday I'll take the time and learn how to properly use my airbrush....

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Got the priming pretty much done, at least until I do more messy stuff.




And found my calipers and figured out the (hopefully) center of the turret.  It not quite perfectly round, but the variance is less than a millimeter.  So I picked a spot and marked in the 10mm circle for the magnet.



Next step will be carving that out.  Dremel seems the obvious choice, but likely messy. Perhaps time to clean up my desk in the basement a bit, and find my respirator...

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Operation Find-my-desk-in-the-basement was a success, and as a bonus I found a bunch of bases and stuff I'd forgotten I'd gotten out of a box o' goodwill or two....




The hole for the magnet seems about the right depth, and about the right size.  And even seems to have stayed centered.

Next I have to figure out the alignment on the lower torso and somehow mark the spot for the hole on that piece.  But that's not happening tonight...



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one quick trick would be to put a small layer of clay on the lower torso and then place the upper on it (minus magnet) and press down and then lift straight up.  The clay/putty should have moved up into the cavity and thus shown you where the hole for the magnet was (raised bump of clay).  It says drill here!

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The alternative is the wet paint blob.  Put think paint on the magnet, put the 2 halves together, when you pull them Part the paint stays on the spot you want the counter magnet.


Don't forget to make sure you have your magnets pole aligned when you glue them in or they will repel rather than attract (I have a few glued minis that I swear one day will pop apart because of the repelling magnets i couldn't dig out of them... :wacko:)

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Back at it today.

Went with the paint (and some measuring to hopefully make sure it is centered) to locate where the bottom magnet should go.  There is some room front to back for exactly where the turret could go, so I got it lined up like I think it should be.  I marked it out on the lower torso then glued the turret magnet in.  I'm going with super glue for now.  If it doesn't hold up I'll got to epoxy.

While waiting for the glue to dry I decided to try out some colours.  



I did part of the quad machine gun arm in the dark yellow.  I'm doing the rockets in the green, and I've tipped them for now in the "primer red", all from the Scale 75 War Front late German set.  I'll look up the exact names for them later.

The frames for the rockets will be done in the yellow, I think.


Then I went down and drilled out the socket in the lower torso for the magnet.  Its funny how I can't help but try to blow out the dust, even though I'm wearing a respirator.....:wacko:

Once that was done I test fitted with the magnet loose in the socket.



That seemed ok so now I've glued it and will wait and see how it works out in a couple hours, after the glue is good and dry.



The trick I read about (back when I was doing my Robotech figs, which I should get back to ....) to avoid messing up the poles on the magnets, was to mark the same side on all of them.

In the pics you can maybe see, the turret is showing a smooth shiny side, while the lower torso is showing a scratched in 'X'.

So they should be good.

We'll see in a few hours.....



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Busy week, finally a chance to work on this.


I started by gluing on some parts to the turret that shouldn't get in the way: the exhausts and the main gun.

I then did a bunch of basecoating in Dunkelgleb.  Did a first pass on all the framing for the rocket packs, the mounting structures the rocket packs hook on to, the arm that looks to be used for changing out magazines for the main gun, the mounting pieces for the weapon arms, and  a couple coats on the rest of the quad MG arm.

I had a bunch left over (small issue when thinning lead to a larger amount than I'd been planning to do this morning) so I grabbed the largest brush I had an did a few layers on the right leg.  The upper leg is looking pretty close to full basecoat now.

Then, with the glue good and dry, I primed most of the turret.  The bare patches left are roughly where the rocket assemblies mount, the weapon arms mount, and where the commander/gunner/whoever is sticking his head out of a nice safe armored mecha goes.




Hopefully this afternoon I'll find my milliput and take care of the seams where the base and lower body meet.


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After an epic search for some milliput (it was sitting a couple feet away from where I paint...this was not the first place I looked.  Or 10th......) some gap filling.



Now to wait and see how that looks when dry.


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