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You are showing a genuine flair for the bizarre & disturbing. The Dung Beasty is another WONDERFULLY horrifying creation. Your BEAUTIFUL  brushwork & basing are SPLENDIDLY  enhanced by your attention to detail...tentacles & drool are nice touches. VERY WELL DONE once more!

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This is a great "composition", very much worthy of praise, especially your attention to minutest of details..And that is what makes this monster of a mini so unique and awesome!  I applaud loudly! 

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Very well done, the skin is really great, looks very realistic. The tentacles and drool adds to the realistic look. 

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Edit: I need to read better, I skimmed over the part where you modified it.


Anyways!  Nice job on it!  It's a great piece of beast!

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Thanks for all your comments, I really appreciate all your feedback. I still have three aberrations from the Dungeon Horrors Box Set to paint, so there will be more slimy stuff crawling around shortly enough. I also have a 03602, Stone Lurker and a 14537, Xeldorian, Tyrant of Darkness among others in the backlog. Can't wait to tackle them.

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