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Tenzin Drakefang

Nefsokar Devourer of Ammat, Statue

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This one was an absolute blast to paint!!

"Nefsokar Devourer of Ammat  pewter mini from Reaper Miniatures. Painted as a sandstone statue, with glowing-red eyes, and awesome khopesh sword. Comes with a square base with Agrellan Badland paint."

Will be listed along with two other minis (Goant Cobra and Mummy Captain) on Ebay very soon.





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14 hours ago, Geoff Davis said:

Good work!  How did you achieve the cool mud crack effect on the base?

I used a Citadel technical paint called "Agrellan Badland" (not Earth). You just put a whole bunch of it on and it will dry looking like that. I put some Agrax Earthshade to wash into the recesses, then dry brushed a bit of "screaming skull" layer paint on.

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