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60190, Skreed Gorewillow, half-orc alchemist

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Awesome work!!


Love the little bomb stash he has on his side.

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Wow! This model is in the same scale as Reaper minis?


Well, blow me down. That IS a reaper mini. Those eyes are incredible.

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Post research update

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42 minutes ago, hotdogthebarbarian said:

Wow! This model is in the same scale as Reaper minis?


Well, blow me down. That IS a reaper mini. Those eyes are incredible.


You should see what Derek did with the iconic Gunslinger mini, post-production. :blink: 

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That's a stunning job you achieved. Both the sculpt and paint job are very faithful to Johan Grenier's original illustration, really beautiful.

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Thanks, everyone!

@Pingo: I like seeing the closeups of your figures' faces, too!

@Glitterwolf: This was the first time I had done a dark-sclera, light-iris eye to this level of detail.  It's an interesting detail of the character design.

@hotdogthebarbarian: Welllll, "same scale" but slightly exaggerated.  The character is supposed to be tall, so the figure would be 35mm (=7', if 30mm=6') if he were standing straight.

@haldir: Yeah, I rolled out a few spheres of putty for the globes of the bombs, then after they hardened I stuck them on and added the string and necks/corks, so the whole mass would be suitable for casting.  And thanks for remembering the gunslinger!  Her eyes still follow you everywhere ...

@Metalchaos: Now that you mentioned it, I looked up Johan's contact info at his website, so I just emailed him with a link to this forum thread and the photos.  Sometimes illustrators like seeing their work translated into 3D.  

@Darcstaar: Yes, I make most of my figures' noses and ears rosy, especially when an inhuman color like this needs to look a little warmer/"natural".  Many of my past figures seem to have colds or be drunk....

@Clearman: My size 0 Kolinsky sable brush by Escoda holds a very fine point.  I could probably touch up the sides of the lines to make them even thinner, but ... there are other projects on my desk awaiting paint!



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Stunning work!  I love so many things, including the scabbard, the leather and the free hand throughout the mini make it look incredible

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