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Slightly ashamed that I got on my high horse a bit earlier. I had no intention of denigrating anybody's taste and apologise for rubbing anyone up the wrong way.


 As my sculpting skills are strictly limited to repositioning the occasional arm, I'll just tip my pointy hat to Ms Garrity and ... leave it at that.

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On 1/26/2018 at 2:14 PM, magicrealm said:

I discovered Bones just two weeks ago and i bought about 200 already. (a lot of characters and monsters, mostly 3-6 times). i would like to change to plastic completely.


i didnt bought a single model from decembre and january news. not one.  i dont like them. i think they are more modern numbers and i didnt buyed reaper models for years. because i dont like them.

Reaper should look at the models  out of stock -- oh yes 80% sandra garrity older models, rest 20% also older models. if they continue with these kind of models from decembre and january i am out.

i hope strongly we get a big bunch of clasics in the next wave.

I don't think anyone has pointed this out yet: the process for bones being produced right now is wound up in their kickstarters, due to the high cost of producing the molds for pvc plastic. All the bones minis coming out in the next few months are from the third KS. All the bones coming out in a year+ will be from the most recent KS. 


If you want to advocate for the older style minis being made as bones, you should post up the ones you like in the bones you like to see thread, but keep in mind, those are unlikely to make it into bones plastic for several years. 


The process takes a lot longer than the one for metal.

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I agree with @buglips*the*goblin different people, different tastes.

Respect each other's taste and just have fun.


Ask for specific sculpts in the Bones/Minis/Chronoscope we like to see threads.

Wait and see.


I for one love a lot of different minis.

I like Large scale like Busts and 54mm/75mm.

My favorite 28mm minis are mostly the evil races, Undead, Reptilians, Monsters, Pirates and such.

Sometimes I see a mini I didn't like much, painted by someone which makes me think I need it anyway.


I prefer Metal, second Resin, but I participated in the KS for Bones II, III and IV and bought a lot of Bones I anyway.

Especially the large minis are of good detail and the smaller ones are too cheap to pass up when building an army.


Whatever you're taste, there is a mini out there for you.


I think respect for each other's taste is important, we all support the hobby as mentioned.

Emphasizing on what you like or would like to see gives off a more positive vibe.

I don't care much for Elves or Dwarfs, but there are many people who love them ( I did paint a few anyway), those people provide money when buying Elves or Dwarfs so Reaper

Or any other company for that matter, can also produce my beloved monsters.

If I would start bashing on Elves, I might offend people. Which we don't need.

Let' s use a positive approach to what we like and want.


And paint...or build..or play..or tell stories,

It's all about fun!

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3 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

...Sometimes I see a mini I didn't like much, painted by someone which makes me think I need it anyway...



Absolutely, quintessentially agree with this.

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I don't really like to answer a question like this, there's so much that can go wrong with a negative post, and, really, in truth, there are NO bones that I don't like to see - just some I prefer over others, or some I have less use for than others.


For example, I don't really get too excited for the standard-issue generic fantasy fare:  dragons, dwarves, goblins, orcs, and undead.  Rather, I really get excited over seeing the possibilities for the more exotic (and perhaps less popular) stuff you can't get everywhere else. 


But, that's not to say that I don't like seeing the standard fantasy stuff:  even the less exciting stuff is useful, and it's still fun seeing other hobbyists getting excited over seeing a new dragon or new dwarf or new fighter or whatever.


I'm also more than happy to back Bones Kickstarters knowing that there will be a portion of the content I'm supporting that I won't be excited over, as long as I know that Reaper's also going to go out on a limb and use the opportunity to produce the more exotic and interesting stuff, too, and that hobbyists, as a group, are all going to benefit from a great mix of affordable new miniatures that support the widest possible spectrum of games that hobbyists might be into, and that someone, somewhere, is going to benefit from the niche markets that the Kickstarters help to support, and lots of gamers are going to benefit from the bread-and-butter miniatures that Reaper has also been good about supplying demand for.


I think that even the bones we don't like to see are a win-win kind of thing for everyone, in the long run.

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I don't like stuff I don't like.

Therefore, everyone should quit buying stuff I don't like, so that the manufacturers will quit making it, and shift full time production to stuff I like. 

At as little expense as possible. Free, actually; that would bring about maximum happiness for everyone. Well, me, anyway.

That being said, if Reaper can make cheap figures that people will buy, and thereby profit and make more stuff, then ultimately, we (and therefore I) benefit, as well.

And ultimately, to address the OP, I can't really think of any Bones that should be eradicated for the good of humanity. I can think of some I don't want to buy, but I hardly expect ANYONE to stick entirely to MY want list...

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 One thing I think almost all of us can agree on ... the bones you don't want to see, are your own ... or a loved ones ... the blood, muscle , just so messy ... or am I being too literal ?

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