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Still not feeling up to tackling another Disciple yet, so we're going for Paul the Survivor:-




Made a little start on him:-




At the moment his skin is Dwarf Flesh with a Flesh Wash.

Going to do a bit more when it dries.

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Finished off his skin with highlights of Dwarf Flesh and 1:1 Dwarf Flesh/Light Flesh.

Made a start to his hood (Steel Grey) and his shoulder pads (Bonewhite), can't quite tell if he has a little bit of hair peeking out or not, but I don't think it matters too much either way.

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Been struggling with this one, there's so many layers and they're not always well defined.


But I did a bit more today, finished his hood with highlights of Steel Grey and 1:1 Steel Grey/Wolf Grey, gave him a leather vest (Leather Brown > Brown Wash > 1:1 Leather Brown/Cork Brown) with Cork Brown stitches and a Bonewhite tooth necklace.

Then I started on one of his shirts, it's just a base of Scarlett Red with a Brown Wash at the moment.

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Bit more progress:-




Finished off his top shirt with highlights of Scarlett Red and 1:1 Scarlett Red/Ochre Yellow.

His middle shirt was 1:1 Cork Brown/Red Orange > Brown Wash > 1:1 Cork Brown/Red Orange > 1:1:1 Cork Brown/Red Orange/Ochre Yellow.

And his bottom shirt was Wolf Grey > Grey Wash > Wolf Grey > 1:1 Wolf Grey/Off-white.


Was going to make a start getting his right arm finished today, but I got an attack of the shaky hands.

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Couldn't decide on sad face or like for your last post. Hopefully your shaky hands is mild. Love seeing your paints. Gives me ideas for my minis. ^.^

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Thanks guys!

I'm okay, I got too hot under my desk lamp and had a bit of a funny turn.






He got a spiky Oily Steel arm band on the right and a fancy Brassy Brass one on the left.

He also got a Bronze lantern, and a weird Bronze head axe with 1:1 Ochre Yellow/Bonewhite horns and an Oily Steel blade.


I actually think the head on his axe is meant to be a real head (the handle goes up the neck hole), but that's just too weird.

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Last night I highlighted the Bronze with Bronze and 1:1 Bronze/Polished Gold and the horns with Bonewhite and a Sepia Wash.

The Oily Steel and Brassy Brass areas were tidied up, and the head got Blood Red eyes and the lantern 'light' was done with Sky Blue > Off-white.




Today, I made a start on his legs.

Stone Grey trousers, 1:1 Lonestar Leather/Ochre Yellow shin-pads with Mahogany Brown straps and Lonestar Leather shoes, then all given a Brown Wash.


I also made a start on this guy:-




A Witch's Disciple in a very low cut pair of pants.


I'm not quite sure when I'll get back to him, I was waiting for things to dry so I made a start on the skin of some minis.

This skintone is 1:1 Dwarf Skin/Rosy Skin, in case I forget.


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    • By aku-chan
      Started working on the Echoes of Death set. I have the whole set, but I also have an appalling track record when it comes to actually finishing my Kingdom Death figures, so I'm just building and painting them one at a time.
      Starting with the Fighter (who's gigantic):-

      So far, I've made a start on her skin:-

      It's a basecoat of 1:1 Elf Skin/Rosy Skin with a Flesh Shade Wash.
      I stopped here and took a piccy so I could get some idea of where her eyes are, I think buying some sort of magnifier is in my future.
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      Presenting Mrs. Silence, the female half of the Silence character class, who came in a limited Black Friday set from Kingdom Death.
      Despite being quite the pain in the bum to work on, she had to be assembled and painted in lots of little stages (and I never did get the two halves of her jacket to line up properly), I'm really rather pleased with the final result.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
    • By odinsgrandson
      The Dung Beetle Knight is one of Kingdom Death's more iconic monsters, and one of the more difficult ones to deal with.  Here is a DBK that I got to do for a client.
      The mini is absolutely fantastic- the hardest thing about painting him is that he's been painted up very well quite a few times before- it is a little bit tough to make him unique and awesome at the same time.
      I shaded and highlighted the green with some contrasting colors to give him the effect you see here.

    • By Guindyloo
      I have a very large collection of Kingdom Death models. I think they're absolutely gorgeous and they are generally in an art style that I adore. Unfortunately, though I've continued buying them, I have not painted a single one. It's been a combination of fear of assembling them (they're notoriously fiddly - this model was in 8 pieces) and a fear of painting them because they're such beautiful figures and they're expensive as well, so there's added pressure tacked onto messing them up.
      So I decided that it was time to face my fears and get one painted. Since this particular figure is one that I have accidentally purchased 3 times (if you've never bought figures from the Kingdom Death shop before - they are put out in small batches that often sell out within minutes, so to get everything that you want, it's unfortunately very easy to accidentally re-purchase things you've gotten before because you don't have time to check) I figured it wouldn't be the end of the world if I messed her up.
      I've been working on her for a few days now. First of all, it took me 3 evenings to get her prepped and assembled. The first night, I clipped her from the sprue and worked on cleaning up mold lines (which I didn't do a fantastic job of and is really something that I have got to work on improving) the second night, I had to make a store run to buy plastic cement. This was my first hard plastic figure and I have heard countless times that it's best to use the plastic cement for them rather than superglue, but I didn't have any. Unfortunately, assembly didn't go well and I quit halfway through out of frustration. I thought that the difference between the Testors red label tube plastic cement and the Testors red label square bottle with the applicator was just that one had an applicator and one did not. Turns out the square bottle is liquid and the tube one is gel and the gel one sets up faster and was therefore easier for me to use. So I was able to finish assembly on the third night. Unfortunately, I had melted the plastic in some places and left gaps, so I had to do some repair work with some Bondic. If you're not familiar with Bondic, it is a liquid plastic in a tube that cures with a little UV light. It's great for quick and dirty gap filling. It probably wasn't the best thing for this particular application, if I'm being honest, because all it does is gap fill flat without any sort of texture buildup. I probably should have used some greenstuff, but I hate messing with greenstuff.
      So there are problem spots on her where there's some weird texture and it kinda just is what it is at this point and I'm ok with that.
      The following 2 nights were spent "priming" her with Brown Liner (spray primer is not an option for me and brush on primer was not sticking to her) and then I started in on her skin, painted her eyes (they are TINY and also half closed,) her tongue and her hair. The skin still needs some touch up here and there but this is the absolute happiest I have ever been with a skintone I've painted. It was a lot of very, very sloooooow layering working back and forth between shades with paint that was thinned nearly to a glaze consistency and then smoothed over with a glaze of the midtone.

      Her skin is varying mixes between MSP Chestnut Brown, MSP Golden Shadow, MSP Golden Skin, and working all the way up to MSP Golden Highlight. The pictures are washing out the highlights a bit.
      Her eyes were done with Warcolours One Coat Beige, Warcolours One Coat Blue, and Warcolours One Coat Black.
      Her tongue was a basecoat of MSP Rusty Red, then some MSP Blush Pink added in, then some Golden Skin mixed in for the highlight.
      Her hair was a basecoat of Warcolours Turquoise 3, then shaded with Warcolours Marine 4, then highlighted with Warcolours Turquoise 2, MSP Spectral Glow, and a final touch of MSP Spectral Glow with a bit of MSP Ghost White mixed in.
    • By ThirstyBob
      So taken a few pic of this guy as I was painting him, started out priming black airbrush pre shading white, then painted the whole thing in brown before changing my mind and going this direction.

      That was the shadows and blending, then I did some yellow highlights on the back and mane, and detail on the face.

      Not sure if I'm done, maybe a bit more blending on the stomach, I think it's showing a bit too much blue.

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