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Box of Goodwill, Basing Edition Round 2 - Chatter Thread

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53 minutes ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

Do you know if you can use click-n-ship in an apartment?


Click-n-ship shouldn't be an issue, that’s just their online package label thing where you print and apply postage to the package from home. The package is then ready to be dropped off at a retail counter, package slot, or get picked up by the carrier. Think of it as a package postage stamp (but don’t put stamps on the package).


The scheduled pickup could be tricky, as it needs to be part of your regular mail carrier’s stop to deliver the regular mail. I was a bit worried about that, being an apartment, but went to fill out that form with an old address at an apartment... and they have a specific box for apartment number. Not sure if that counts as being out of their way, which would possibly entail a fee.


But reading the FAQ on their website does say to indicate the location the package will be: mailbox, front door, knock on door, mail room, office, reception, etc (their examples). Easiest would be to leave it where the mail is usually picked up, if that’s some place secure.

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I don't think I posted my goodies from the box so here they are (if I did, and forgot ignore this :P)


Stuff I took out:



Stuff I put in:




Various bush materials, flock, fine sand (good for making flowers), aquarium plants, home made tufts, some odds and ends, some bases I made (my design so no worry about copyright etc), lichen in a couple odd colours, small trees (can cut lil base off to stick on your base etc). Oh and the resin gates, make great rubble or jersey barriers.

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There are so many goodies in this box that I don't know what to do with it all.  I've taken bits and pieces of just about everything and OMG.  I almost feel sorry for the next recipient having to sort through it like me.  HAHA

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Okay here is what I took.  Various bits of bushes, mosses and a couple trees.  Some bases and a piece of wood that I really liked the look of.  Some tiny little frogs and lily pads.  


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What I took...






Some Bricks, a Portrait pendent thing, Frogs, ect.




Little pine trees, Rubber Brick pattern thingy, ect.




A hunk of wood and some flock.


I put in...


Nothing much, really. Couldn't fit much in it, honestly.



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6 hours ago, Generic Fighter said:

Box will be heading out this week sometime. When is Reapercon? I'll try to get it there before it.




Last week of Aug. You have plenty of time. :)

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