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1 hour ago, chaosscorpion said:

Wow wouldn't that large pillow look amazing with a paisley print!

You know, I was thinking about it for the pillow that's currently brown. The two black pillows will be pirate flags, but I hadn't decided yet what the last one might be...

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Ok, so I spent some time before lunch today going through the original WiP for this figure, the studio paint job by Anne Foerster, AKA @Vaitalla. You can see it, too: Maria Roseblade


I went looking at this because I recalled that Anne used NMM, so I wanted to view her process, but this is also a really good resource for skin, hair and basic color theory. I'm very grateful she put this together at the time, and I'm very glad it hasn't been lost to the annals of time or the vagaries of photo hosting.


Today, I worked on skin. Sometimes, I really feel the limited time that I have to paint during lunch, and a figure this large brings that limitation home in a big way. I went through three layers of highlights and feel like I need about three more, plus a glaze or two... In the groove of a longer paint session, I think I could've finished her skin in another 45 minutes or so... But I suspect it'll be another three sessions of apx. 30 minutes each, just because of remixing paints and reacquainting myself with the figure each time.


Anyway, this is where I left it today:



I need to reclaim some skin tones on her right cheek, as there's too much blue showing through. Ultimately, thought, I like what the blue does in the shadows.


Tonight, I need to surreptitiously hunt reference photos of Venus Dimples so I can paint the small of her back...a bit risky to hunt for such photos at work. Risky at home, too, but only because the reason "mini reference" will lead to the question "what are you painting?"... Nissiana knows about this project, but she doesn't know it's come out of storage!



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Still more skin today. Getting close, I think. Also basecoated the various yellow metal bits with a mix of mostly Golden Shadow with a bit each of Big Top Red and Blackened Brown.



And, lest those of you who followed my last Lunch Sessions thread think I've abandoned her, I also finished out the skin highlights on the barmaid. Next time I use some pure Blackened Brown or similarly dark color, I'll dot her eyes... Then it'll just be her hair to call her done.



Any thoughts? Anything I've totally missed on Maria's skin?

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you might want to touch up her right elbow where the gold mix accidentally got applied.^_^

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46 minutes ago, robinh said:

you might want to touch up her right elbow where the gold mix accidentally got applied.^_^

::o:I...I don't know what you're talking about. That's a shadow! Yeah, a giant shadow, where she has a big notch cut out of her elbow, so it's in a shadow... Yeah...:unsure:

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Ok, touched up the skin on her elbow.


Also decided the basecoat I used for the metal was too cool, so I mixed up a new one with about 5:1 Oiled Leather to Blackened Brown. And I made a nice Coral out of Violet Red and Marigold Yellow for the starfish, necklace and inside the conch shell.



And I'm just now realizing I could've mixed the Coral and the metal basecoat and had a good color for her lips... Oh, well... Eventually.

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Yeah...awfully long lunches...get painting already!!! ::P:

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Phooey. I have done sooner painting this week (although only this week... The last few weeks have been annoyingly busy, so I've spent a lot of time being Not.At.My.Desk. as much as possible)


Anyway. I've mostly been working on the leather the past few days. Laying in highlights:





Annoying because Oiled Leather is apparently made of chalk, but some glazes should help, which leads us to...


Blending in layers:




Which worked out pretty well, but it was still missing something...


Oh! Shadows. Duh. So that's what I did today:




The base of the leather is still Blackened Brown plus Big Top Red. Highlights are:

Blocked in with Oiled Leather + Big Top Red

Edge defined with Oiled Leather+Big Top Red+Linen White

Glazed with Blackened Brown+Big Top Red+Oiled Leather

Then subsequent layers feathered in, using steadily brightening combinations of Oiled Leather+Big Top Red+Linen White.


The deepest shadow is Walnut Brown+ Big Top Red, the rest of the shadows are that plus Blackened Brown.


It's not just her boots, I've done her glove and the one pillow, too, but those are harder to photograph. Tomorrow is likely an assembly day, I'll get her arm glued in place and do some GS on the bird.


Only about a week and a half to get her done, needed to get cracking on the NMM!

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Started in on the NMM shadows today, also basecoated the monkey's fur.


Shadows on the yellow metal are Blackened Brown, and the monkey (and shadows on the wooden chest) is about 2:1 Blackened Brown and Dragon Blue.





I hope I can get most of the NMM done over the next two days...I may be sneaking this one home over the weekend!

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Working up the gold metals. Highlights are a mix of Oiled Leather and Sandy Yellow, up to pure Sandy Yellow. I also glazed over it with Marigold Yellow to warm it up a bit.




Tomorrow I'll get up to White, and if I'm lucky on time I'll base the white metals.

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