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Added some Linen White, glazed Sunlight Yellow over all the metal, then some more Linen White. Also mixed up Blackened Brown with Dragon Blue for some grey, and based the silver metals and glazed some shadows onto her pants.




Definitely starting to panic a bit, given the monkey and the stupid bird... This all needs to be done a week from today. I could take her home over the weekend, but I won't actually have much time. With a half hour each lunch, and I can get an hour after work each day... That's close to eight hours. That's... Time... Hoo boy.

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So, I made a list this morning of what still needs to happen to call this one done:


The stars indicate items that take more time or energy.


Lots left to do, but I got a bit done today. Worked on some greys during lunch, including the white metals, the conch shell and a bit of the monkey's skull and Maria's hair.




The grey starts off as Walnut Brown and Dragon Blue, then slowly adds Ghost White.


After work, I knew Nissiana wouldn't be home until late, so I decided to just stay at the office and paint for a while. Some of my co-workers think I'm nuts, staying late on a Friday, but I can't do this model at home or it'd ruin the surprise, so...





"Finished" the white NMM (I don't have any Pure White in my kit at work, which I will remedy on Monday), did some work I'm happy with on the shell and can likely call it done, and set in on the pillows. I'm really happy with the two pirate flags. I also tweaked some of the leathers, specifically her shoulders.


Still plenty to do, but I'm really happy to have gotten a long session in!

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Hokay! Today I dealt with the Monday Blues by painting blue during lunch. Brightened up some highlights, still need to go in with deeper shadows on some things, especially the lining on the chest lid.






And I wasn't able to stay very long after work today, but I was able to get assembly done (except for the bird), and I broke out the Green Stuff to build the cockatoo's crest.




Tomorrow morning I will use a knife to trim up the crest, and lunchtime will likely be the blue shadows.

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she is going to love this!


Are you planning on doing more to the base itself?


I would suggest a dark (walnut maybe) stain to the wood part to help border the sand.

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1 hour ago, robinh said:

she is going to love this!


Are you planning on doing more to the base itself?


I would suggest a dark (walnut maybe) stain to the wood part to help border the sand.




If the plinth were a little higher quality wood, and if I had been a bit more careful ten years ago with my prep, I would absolutely stain and drop some poly on the wood. As it is, I think a black paint and some gloss varnish is what I'm going to do with it.


I also intend to do some water effects, but I doubt I'll have time before Friday...so that may be an IOU in the package, and something for me to do this weekend after she's seen the paint.

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Lunch today was a symphony of browns, working on her sword scabbard, hair and the NMM on the chest lid.




And after work, I spent more time with brown to work on the monkey's face. I also glazed yellow onto the NMM I'd missed before, and added blue to the pillow fringe.



Tomorrow, I'll get the last highlights into her hair and the monkey's fur, and hopefully start laying the color in on the bird. I also need to highlight the blue fringe.


I also need to remember to bring my black artists acrylics from home to paint the base.

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Lots of touching up today, including some gap filling under the monkey's butt, blacking the rim of the base and converting some oopsies here and there.


Also highlighted the blue fringe on the pillows and basecoated all the remaining Coral things, plus the last highlights on her hair and the monkey's fur. The photos here were taken over the course of the day, I painted before work, during lunch and after work... So these are in time stamp order, close to two and a half hours worth of painting.









Almost done, it's pretty much just little things from here. If you see anything major, please speak up!


Here's my to-do list for tomorrow. If I must, I can get in a last lunch session on Friday, but at most I think I have two and a half hours left to paint.


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Happy to say, I got this one finished up in time to give to Nissiana today, and she likes the mini very much. I'll post to show off sometime this weekend, and on Monday it'll be time for the next lunch sessions thread!

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