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Excelsior Warpriest

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Stellar work, the lightning bolts and freehand on the book are particularly excellent!

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Very nice!


The only problem is, and this is a personal issue, every time I went to put him on the table I would have to yell, "Stop...




...Hammer time!"

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Beautiful work! I can't believe you consider that something that can be played with, I'd keep that on a shelf, in a glass case if my work was that nice!

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    • By Maglok
      My quest to paint the PCs in Warhammer Quest continues! This is the Fyreslayer Doomseeker. Quite happy with him, though he took longer then I expected at first.
    • By Maglok
      Next up in my warhammer quest endeavour: The gryph-hound companion to the excelsior warpriest. Trying out a few new things with taking photographs as well.
      This was a nice and quick mini to paint. I feel like I am on a roll! :D
    • By Maglok
      I have had the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower boxed set laying around. We recently started playing it and I have comitted to paint the 6 player characters (and the 1 companion gryphound). I went with a traditional Games Workshop scheme of edge highlighting, not my usual. :) So here is the Knight Questor, the first of 6 player characters.
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      Okay, so I redoing Warhammer Quest. I'm adding classic DnD monsters, wrote a program that does all the event and monster generation and tracking for me, handles custom treasure, and helps keep things fresh. I'm painting minis for the dungeons like mad, even getting to things I never bothered to paint before, like Snotlings. I don't expect to be ready to play for a while yet, but in the meantime I thought I would add one more project to my load - redo all the tiles and add some new ones, and give them custom cards. 
      The tiles I'm making with a variety of methods, but they all use half inch cell foam (similar to Styrofoam) as the base, then have various things glopped on them to harden them and give them a smoother or rougher appearance. The cutting is all being done with a hot tool that's mostly designed for wood etching I guess (about $35-40 at a craft store), but works great for melting ruts into tiles. I'll go over a step by step on my next piece, but here's some of the ones I have done so far.

      I looked at a ton of different methods for this, but I think a lightweight Styrofoam style appealed the most to me, I didn't want to get into casting and dealing with being limited to whatever molds were available. Obviously, I'm getting my feet wet with the more flat rooms first, but my next room is the Well of Doom, which has some depth to it (though small). I have the basics cut out and will take some pictures tomorrow when I work on it again.
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