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22 minutes ago, Darkmeer said:


LOL.  The first thought I had was that Mags or her attendants would correct anyone to say that she's "voluptuous." 


There's a certain amount of confidence that she exudes, and I would have said the same for Madame Trash Heap.


As to the "miniature" size, that's on par with Khanjira and some others that Reaper has made (mine's based on a 10" disc).  That's one heck of a feat.  @TaleSpinner is absolutely right, you are both improving and growing in more than one way with what you are creating. 



...AND fabulous as well. The "divine" is a take off on Peggy Lee & Bette Midler.

Now that you mention it the Lady does have a certain air of self containment...a commanding presence.

Thanks for the reply, Steve. It figures I'd get my act together right before the curtain falls...encore perhaps.

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On 2/14/2018 at 8:08 AM, Mattnuke said:

She truely is a ‘handsome’ woman!  Very awesome!


Thanks for the kind reply, Mattnuke. I am happy you like The Girl.

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    • By malefactus
      I have been waiting somewhat patiently for C.M.o.N. to restock Enigma's Oz-Zuh, Moon Face for several months. Today I thought I'd try my hand at making a mini similar to Oz.
      This is Enigma's version...I would love to have mine paint up this nicely:
      This morning I did up a dolly:

      He looks like Howard the Duck at this stage:

      Some green stuff work on his face, the ruff collar, & a hooded cape:

      Now the Moon Faced Lad is one sleeve away from basic completion with only some embellishment that I may later regret to do:

      The green stuff should be dry by seven or so; SO I may have him done today...or not.
      Since I will be basing & painting him, I thought the W.I.P. section was more appropriate than the Sculpting.
    • By malefactus
      My friend Daniel aka tauser, from the DM Craft Forum used Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock character Marjory The Trash Heap as the basis for one of his Monsters.
      It was such a wonderful idea that I had to do a version of my own. She is just perfect for my Last Hurrah Project. SO...
      Here is Jim Henson's original Marjory:

      AND here is my W.I.P. version of The Trash Girl:

      Stay tuned for further developments...eventually.
    • By malefactus
      SO, The Spook started to manifest himself on my work bench on the first of September...or there's about.
      He's the tall one off to the right. This is the plumber's epoxy head with bead eyes on the floral wire frame:

      The plumber's epoxy spreads & The Spook starts to form:



      Slowly he turns green:






      Next some associates, cronies, & such; a proper setting; AND then a base...although the order may vary as  attention wanders. Being Old offers a stream of excuses for gadding about.
    • By malefactus
      The crunch of heavy feet, a terrified scream, & a hardy "Hi Neighbor!", it's the Mutatant Mushroom (I'd like to add from HELL! here, but he's just ambling out of The Spooky Woods).
      SO yet-another Mushroom to brighten your day & disturb your sleep; seen here with the source of the terrified screams strolling through the woods


      ...from a couple of different yet similar angles:



      ...watching from above:

      ...AND being watched right back:

      ..."if you go out in the Woods today"...I love theme music.
    • By malefactus
      To those who haven't seen these in the Work In Progress Section: I will readily admit to a somewhat bizarre imagination aka NUTS. SO making Goblin Faeries seemed like a fine idea. Reaper does make these lovely fairy wings; I do have abundance of out of production, but oh-so-merry G.W. multi-part, plastic Night Goblin parts; AND way to much time to spend following my imagination to strange places.
      The individual photos are taken on my work table with some group pictures taken in The Witches' Shanty Town Board.
      The Fling Circus, one by one:
      Smiling Jack Himself:




      The Circus:







      ...The Mushroom insisted on his own photo...you know how these Mushrooms can be:





      ...the Group:


      ...AND The Faerie Folk:


      NOTE: There are some artsy in The Shanty Town Photos further down below Froggy's & X's kind replies.
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