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Two of my favourites Reaper Dwarfs. Thorgram and Hagar

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2 hours ago, paintybeard said:

It's always a pleasure seeing well-painted figures like this!

Ditto, was going to say the same but paintybeard stole my thunder!

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Superb work again!


I love the blue NMM on nr. 2 and the face on nr. 1 is stunning.

But the winner is the bird, this tiny predator looks great!

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Fantastic work! I especially like your work on the gemstones.

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    • By dmpv01
      This is the bones casting. I wish I had gotten the metal version once I started painting this as it seems some details were lost, especially in the face, and I found it more difficult to paint.

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        Ready to carve...

      P.S. Hammer time!
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      These are my heroforge minis I got for my characters. 
      One is Finellen Braunanvil- dwarf Barbarian sailor
      and one is Torgga Torrun- dwarf Druid/Ranger astrologist (she has the robe of stars also...)
      Tried new techniques on both, on Finn the gem was new to me, and on Torgga the OSL and galaxy painting on the cloak. 
      folks expressed interest so here here they are! Any C&C is welcome! 

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      This little guy caused me a bit of pain.  I sliced my finger open getting him off his base.  Despite that, he was fun to paint.  I was using a really limited palette because he just screams redcap to me.  Thus, the blood red hat.  It was a quick and dirty paint job, to take my mind of things for a bit.  Fun he was though!  As always, C&C welcomed.
      Used BONES paints:
      09279 - Fresh Blood
      09121 - Khaki Shadow
      09274 - Vampiric Shadow
      09442 - Barbarian Flesh
      09441 - Ruddy Flesh
      09438 - Tempest Grey
      09436 - Bleached Linen

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      About this project
         Macrocosm Miniatures is a small UK miniature company based in Gloucestershire. We set up back in 2015 with a few Sci-Fi miniatures and since then the ranges have grown to hundreds of miniatures including Fantasy and Fantasy/Historical. 
      We are looking to raise £500 to pay for production moulding of these miniatures. Upon reaching the funding goal we will get the miniatures straight into moulds and start spinning up pledges for people.
       Continuing our Pirate themed month we are offering these fantastic 28mm Dwarves.
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