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Beautiful job on this old classic! The face and the gems are top notch! This is a small figure as well so extra points for that! Can’t wait to see your other 38 when they get finished!

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8 hours ago, 72moonglum said:

This is so enjoyable, I just want to comment on it twice!  Question, for his cloak, did you get the impression that it was feathers, armor, or something different?


I decided it was meant to be scales.  He is holding a sea shell in his hand and has a brooch that looked like a whale tooth.  That is why I chose the sea blue colours with the warm red-orange cloak to make the contrast in the blues feel deeper.  The orange cloak also helps the orange gems pop out more.  


Thanks for you question and positive comments!



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I need to paint a figure for someone in my game group who has CryoHydra armor (offers protection from cold) from a Cryo Hydra that we killed and dressed and then paid to have her armor custom crafted.


I am bookmarking this because it is EXACTLY what i hope my armor will end up looking like


Thanks for the inspiration!

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4 hours ago, 72moonglum said:

The colors are really nice, not going to lie 


I'm trying to get better at colour selection so thanks very much.  I'm using a colour wheel to help guide my decisions.

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    • By 72moonglum
      Good morning all,
      so here's a Halfling rogue sculpted by Jim Johnson that was put out by Kenzer and Co., and rereleased by Ral Partha recently.  A nice little Hackmaster figure, enjoy him quite a lot, because he's pretty straight forward, kind of iconic-looking Halfling thief. And I've been doing so many greens and such, it was a departure from my woodsy colors, so went for a cloak the color of the Dutch flag and some purple pants.  Enjoy!

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       So, I was recently asked to curate a collection of old minis given to my FLGS on consignment... There are somewhere north of two hundred pieces altogether.
      Most of it is old Ral Partha, Grenadier, Heritage and Citadel. The first three companies I know well. Citadel not so much, but I've already identified some of them from the Lost Minis Wiki. And then there are some that I don't recognize and have no marking on them.
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      Tom Meier Ral Partha 1981 Celestial Dragon 01-129.  This is one of those miniatures that you see and are in awe, and then when you get it home you can't bear to put paint over the beautiful sculpt.  And then you do, and it looks really bad so you strip it and try again, and again.  This miniature originally came with a gold paste you were supposed to rub on it to give it gold highlights.  That didn't work out too well, as I waited too long and it dried up.  Anyway, with the basing I was trying to give the impression that he is slowly flying along dipping his toes in the water.  It has given me ideas for some future projects.  It's been more than 30 years, but he is finally off of my shelf of shame. 
      37 projects left to go... 



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      This mini is circa 1992 Ral Partha. I wanted the floor to be glowing but couldn’t pull it off. So, just plain white lines. 

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