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    • By Lidless Eye
      I don't think I saw this one posted here before, but with 48 hours left, I thought I'd share this fun-looking little film project.
    • By Knight of the Dinner Table
      I backed his Chaos warrior and Goblin Kickstarters. Very nice minis, delivery a bit delayed but communications good, both Kickstarters were well worth it.
    • By SamuraiJack
      Warning: Nudity

      About this project
      The Shadow Lords have been waging war in the depths of the Shadow Realm for thousands of years. 
      Each model will be cast in gray resin at the highest quality and be shipped as a model kit with some assembly required. They will be boxed with supportive foam ensuring that they are delivered in the best possible condition. As you can see each figure is highly detailed and stands roughly 6 inches or 152mm tall making them perfect for hobby painting, display, and 28-32mm scale table top gaming! If you need a new final boss, a overlord for your cult, or just a new way to wipe the party you've got trapped in the Underworld.. you've come to the right place!  They will make perfect Christmas gifts for the gamers, painters, and dungeon masters in your life. 
      **All models are printed in gray resin - NONE ARE PAINTED** 
      The project funds 1 Shadow Lord at a time! Basically, the Kickstarter's total goal will cover the complete production costs and ensure the price point for a single model. There are 4 Shadow Lords in total and we will have to reach 400% funding to unlock all 4! Once a stretch goal is unlocked that Shadow Lord will then be available to choose as a reward or Add-On! 
      Each model or a T-shirt can be added to any pledge level. Simply select your pledge level and in order to add an additional Shadow Lord figurine or an additional T-shirt to your order simply add $75 for a Shadow Lord or $25 for a T-shirt to your pledge! Its that easy! If you want more than one simply multiply the add on price by the number you wish to add and let me know in the Backer Report message at the end of the Kickstarter what the additional funds were for. 
      Once a Shadow Lord is unlocked more details about them will be released! 
      Stretch Goal 1 - Abatszar Prince of the Shadow Realm 
      Models are printed in grey resin  
      Textured 3d model - models will NOT come painted  
      Lore Stretch Goal 2 - Steve the Soul-Eater
      Models are printed in grey resin  
      Textured 3d model - models will NOT come painted  
      Steve & Nik Lore Stretch Goal 3 - Nik the Flesh-Reaver 
      Textured 3d model - models will NOT come painted  
      Height Comparison
    • By SamuraiJack
      About this project
      Why Back This Project?
      • Great Game! An easy to learn and easy to play big box 4x by Scott Almes. His best work yet! ---- Now with SOLO Play and Team Play (2v2 and 3v3)!
      • Huge Discounts! Over 20% off MSRP! Will have limited retail availabiltiy.
      • FREE Promos (that will not be in stores)!
      Gamelyn miniature comes FREE with every game pledge! Mechmaster Cyd miniature comes FREE with every Deluxe pledge! • Awesome Stretch Goals! Your pledge helps unlock additional FREE content!
      4 Player Setup. Click to Enlarge.  
      This Add-On is covered by a 30 Day *Money-Back Guarantee! CORE GAME w/ DELUXE EXPANSION
      6 Player Setup. Click to Enlarge.  
      This Add-On is covered by a 30 Day *Money-Back Guarantee!  
    • By SamuraiJack
      For @ub3r_n3rd
      About this project
      Barbarians: The Invasion is a worker placement and area control eurogame from acclaimed author Pierluca Zizzi. Enter the mysterious World of Fenian, a place where barbarian clans rule wild lands and corrupt civilizations live in decaying cities. Each player will become the Warlord of a clan and lead them on the conquest of civilized lands, but only one will leave his mark on history. You will need a strong economy and an even stronger army, do you have what it takes?
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