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Darius Glenwell

Ice Troll Cometh!!

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That is an OUTSTANDING creation, BEAUTIFULLY painted & based. Your array of colors are stunning! VERY WELL DONE!

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Thanks all. After all the entries were in, this guy didn't even place. Onto next year! Did win 1st place for my US Paratroopers in the Historical Category though. So I've go that going for me. Which is nice. 

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    • By dmpv01
      I painted this guy today for an upcoming encounter. This figure was a lot of fun.

    • By Geoff Davis
      Ian MacAndrew by Bobby Jackson.  This is the first of several projects with tartans that I'm working on.  Once I get a better grip on the process I will do a detailed WIP. 



    • By EvilJames
      Another old mini that I painted at the same time as the Taer. Initially I just primed him white and called it good, but since I was painting the Taer, I figured he'd be a good one to paint along side them since he would have a similar color scheme. He was also equally a pain the %&^$#@ elf to photograph, didn't matter if I was using a neutral background or my dungeon tiles. he would inevitably be washed out and or blurry. while trying to experiment I got a decent picture of him on top of my trash can out side.

      This guy is very much based on his art in the Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume One. Drawn by one of my favorite D&D artists Tony Diterlizzi.
      Hmm blown up it's still a little blurry now. I don't get it, the S8 is supposed to have an awesome camera, but it seemed like I was getting better pictures with my wife's old Ipad. I really thought I had finally gotten a picture of him that actually worked. Might try and fix this later as well.
    • By GodOfCheese
      At some point while I was painting him, the troll kind of shrunk. It was like he was exposed to sunlight and it caused him to shrivel up into a low crouch.  One could imagine that he's ready to pounce upon a Halfling, or is raising his hands in surrender to a much smaller aggressor.  Or some kind of bizarre bonesium catastrophe befell him.
      I know I could have warped him back into place if this had happened BEFORE I started painting him, but I've never seen it happen AFTER the mini has cooled.  Has anyone else seen that?  If so, what causes it, so I can NOT do it again?  
      I'm otherwise pretty happy with how ugly he is.  In particular, I tried a different basing technique that LittleBlueberry described for me awhile back, which is definitely fun to do.

    • By evilcoatrack
      I haven't painted much lately, but I did make time to paint this for a close friend's D&D character.  So far she seems happy with it, so I'm happy.
      Sorry for the lighting - forgot to take a proper photo before gifting it, so I had to hold it almost inside a lamp.

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