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Mad Jack

Jack's ID Project (pic intensive)

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Picture One, Model Three is a Chaos Warrior identified as "Corsair" in the ad sheets I found.


Picture Five, Model One is "Screamer" from the "Skeleton War Machines" boxed set.  They may have released him separately in later blister packs, though.


Picture Five, Model Two is part of the "Night Horrors" line and called "Wight Attacking" or sometimes "Wight 2".

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Found the wight.

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On 2/26/2018 at 9:48 PM, Mad Jack said:

Then we have one of the RP 01-073 Clerics, one of the RP 98-001 Wizards and Clerics from the "The Adventurers" line of small box sets, a Superior Models WL-26 Cleric, some 54mm military guy that seems really familiar to me but I can't place (there are two others in the collection), the Citadel Weird Fantasy WF1 Kindly Old Wizard (with a sword behind his back, lol), the Grenadier 2012 Dwellers Below box set beholder,  the RP 03-031 Cleric behind another unidentified cleric, Grenadier's C50 Cowboy w/ Scattergun from their Western Gunfighters line (I believe the entire 20-pc WW03 Western Gunfighters set, if not the entire line of 30 figures, is present in the set), and lastly another of the 98-001 Wizards and Clerics set.


With a sword behind his back, and throwing the two-finger salute. 


My brother bent down the index finger (seeing as how the two-finger salute is largely unknown on this side of the Atlantic).

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 Okay, folks, the ID portion of the project is on hold for a few days as I put together a list of the stuff already ID'd for the store. I'll probably start back up after the weekend.


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      Anyhow, enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!
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