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Digging the bold paint jobs on em, makes me think of the cell shaded style of Borderlands (which is a fantastic and vibrant style).

Good luck at the convention. 

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Excellent! I love the heat discoloration on the barrel shroud.

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Well, they looks all set for another bug hunt; nice job!


Good luck at the con/contest, too.

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After all is said and done, the were beat out by some more GW stuff, and didn't even place. I'm starting to dislike the popular vote, over the judged contests. At least with the judged contests, you know the folks are looking at every little detail, and not just having your friends vote for your half painted army. Ah well. Next year!

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      I haven't painted much lately, but I did make time to paint this for a close friend's D&D character.  So far she seems happy with it, so I'm happy.
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      My current project from my Shelf of Shame.  She got abandoned when I couldn't figure out what to do about damage to the figure around her mouth.  I'm going to use her to practice NMM. 

      Flesh painted.  I used the fair skin triad with pure white added for highlights and imperial purple added to the shadows.  I'm undecided about her eyes as yet.  I'm wavering between a dull lifeless pale blue or bright yellow and orange. 

      For the armour I'm using the night sky triad with black added to the shadows and pure white added for the highlights. Only a little bit of blending done so far on her left shoulder, arm and hip.  Some of the convex shapes are causing me to do mental gymnastics to figure out where the highlights should be.  Her hair is the undead flesh triad with imperial purple added to the shadows and pure white added to the highlights.  The gems will be bright flaming yellow/orange which is why I'm considering whether the eyes should be yellow too.  I might dull down the gems to red and give her bright yellow eyes. 



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