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Painting Mid-Dark Skin?

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Hi there, I'm painting some barbarian models that are very much inspired by Native American culture. The two skin tones I have experience painting are African skin and Caucasian skin. I'm looking for a more mid tone brown skin as seen here in this reference picture. 



Any suggestions on how to achieve this? I'm mostly looking to use reaper or vallejo colors. Do any of the reaper skin triads match up with this tone? the ones I have now are the tanned, fair, and dark skin triads.


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I paint Meso-Americans in my Lost World.

Mixing Tanned Skin with a drop of Cinnamon Red ( Reaper).

Maybe this is useful?









You can use a skin colour and mix it with a reddish brown till you get what you want.

Take a good look at pics from Native Americans, preferably real photos and study the colours in their faces.


Hope this is useful to you.

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Midtones I think can in a way be the easiest, if you have the right paints around. Why? Because you can play with the highlights and the shadows a lot more than darks and lights, and balance them better. 


@Glitterwolf has some good ideas. I'd elaborate on that. 


The tanned skin triad is the weakest of the skin color triads - the shadow and the base tone are very similar. However, I'd use one of those as your base to begin with. I'd use the tanned highlight to do generic highlights. Go up to Fair Skin on the top of the highlights, like the tip of her nose. On the shadow end, I'd probably end up using Dark Highlight and Dark Skin. Could even go down to Dark Shadow in the deepest creases. I may also use Red Brick either mixed with these, or glazed into the layers. It is a maroon-purple with low saturation. Something like the cinnamon color suggested by Glitterwolf could glaze the overall skin tones - very thin, just enough to give the skin some warmth. Okay, I may just use tiny bits of Red Brick, but I really love that paint color in general. 

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