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77156: Owlbear

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The first figure I finished this month.  I had been wanting to paint this guy for a while, but had been kind of intimidated and unsure where to start.  I finally decided to just go for it, plus the DM is going to need it soon.  I'm glad I did, it was a lot of fun and an interesting challenge.  I absolutely love how the face came out!   Let me know what you think.  20180203_084651.thumb.jpg.54d15253774431415c785acc5b93ed98.jpg 20180203_084641_HDR.thumb.jpg.0bac239d5ef58d2917ac67e75d3caf3c.jpg20180203_084329.thumb.jpg.bb328f5ec5e99ad8732b5a9a7f78151d.jpg20180203_084433.thumb.jpg.f9ba38aad17d0398ef69c6ca89b21a0d.jpg


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Good job, looks great!  If you have any gloss varnish, hitting the eyes with some gloss will really make them pop!

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