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Enigma Oz-Zuh, Moon Face Inspired DIMS Variation

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The possible base is painted & awaiting detailing plus the mini, of course:




The Buzzard is part of said detailing:




Now I am off to Lovely Llano. More later...or not.

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Coming along fine!

I like the vulture/buzzard he adds to the feel of the place.

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2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Coming along fine!

I like the vulture/buzzard he adds to the feel of the place.


Thanks, Glitter. The Buzzard is just cartoony enough to fit with the rest of my silly stuff.

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    • By malefactus
      SO it started with a post on DM's Craft. My friend, tauster, was making The Mother of Monsters. He was using Marjory The Trash Heap of Fraggle Rock fame as his inspiration.
      I wasn't all that familiar with Marjory, although I loved what episodes of Fraggle Rock I got to see, but  I HAD to do my own version of The Girl:

      I got further inspiration from our own alchemist's post:

      Magrat The All Seeing Trash Heap aka The Divine Miss Mags is a combination of the two inspiration pieces with a healthy dose of my own dubious imaginations.
      SO without further delay, here is Mags:

      The Door To Wherever:

      There you go.
      For those interested in size, Mags is a bit over 7" high & is resting on a base about 9" in diameter.
    • By malefactus
      I have been planning a few ore photo stages. The Trio of Trees will be movable props, & character actors in the cast.
      They will eventually appear in somewhat fancier surroundings, but for their first presentation, they are seen here on my work table:

      The Philosopher or Idiot...take your pick:

      The Conversation, Monk & Tree:

      AND the Group Portrait:

      ...if you go out in the Woods today, you're in for a big surprise.
    • By malefactus
      SO, SisterMaryNapalm came across some Beastes to stick into flower pots:

      AND thought my Mushrooms would be just the thing to enliven his Mom's flower pots.
      Here's where they stood as of Tuesday:

      He wanted them to be somewhere between 10" to a foot. The BBQ skewers were just the thing:

      The stems & eyes were done by Tuesday evening:

      Losing a day to World Series Game 7, the green stuffing started earlier today:
      More later...later being a nebulous term.
    • By malefactus
      YET ANOTHER  strange Mushroom Creature has been seen lurking in The Spooky Woods, the dread Devil's Cup:

      The Devil's Cup is based loosely on an Elf Cup Mushroom:

      Until more strange things emerge.
    • By malefactus
      SO, The Spook started to manifest himself on my work bench on the first of September...or there's about.
      He's the tall one off to the right. This is the plumber's epoxy head with bead eyes on the floral wire frame:

      The plumber's epoxy spreads & The Spook starts to form:



      Slowly he turns green:






      Next some associates, cronies, & such; a proper setting; AND then a base...although the order may vary as  attention wanders. Being Old offers a stream of excuses for gadding about.
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