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My Dragons Don't Share (pic heavy)

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In today's episode, we find Navatharr, the mighty Golden Dragon, beset by a host of unsavory sorts.. 




The antagonists!




The Sorceress : 


I'm thinking that I need to paint the ball on the top of her staff - it looks a bit plain done in just gold.


The Thief :


She's the lightest looking of the bunch - but don't let that fool you.. behind that blonde hair and blue eyes lurks the soul of a murderess!  I mean, just look at how callously she's standing on the bones of the other poor fellow!


The Ranger :


I thought that it'd be fun to do this guy up as a drow


The fighter : 


the leader of this motley crue, he's a stone cold killer who's not afraid to face down Dragon fire in the pursuit of his evil ... uhh.. pursuits!



I wanted a scorched look on his shield, and thanks to a few folks over in the Painting Tips & Advice section, think it came out pretty decently.


The Cleric :


As the ranger was going the drow route, this fellow was just screaming to be a duergar.  He'll heal you, but only because doing so furthers his dark plans!



I added tiny little magnets to the ruins where the adventurers were going to be placed, although you can't really see these two very well (they're the only ones that I didn't cover over)




Also, I had a bit of a mishap with the 5yo attempting to add blood to things - while I applaud her bloodthirsty enthusiasm (BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!), pools of blood aren't really my painting style :)  So all of those areas were successfully painted over.  Finally, she tried her hand at pink/purple/brown in the sealed doorway at the base of the temple.  I first thought about covering it over, but with @Pochi's advice (and her own amazing DDS2 murals), I decided to try for a faded mural look.  My oldest spawn and I were looking at it and thought that the 5yo's artwork already vaguely resembled a dragon with arched wings, so instead of doing my own freehand, I simply covered it with several washes to fade it out.  Unfortunately, I think the shadow of the dragon got lost in the washes, and these pictures really don't do it any justice either.. 



Will good win the day, or will the powers of darkness dampen her golden light forever?  Tune in next time for the thrilling finale!


More of the ruins and dragon can be found in their respective show off threads..



Dragons dont share 2.jpg

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Love the descriptive commentary! It came out looking like some desert ruins or an old castle in a canyon somewhere. Well done!

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I do hope the Dragon will prevail, those pesky adventurers, always looting and stealing...

They should leave an innocent Dragon alone, she worked hard for her money treasure!!!

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    • By eldamir
      Finished this girl up today.  My first stab at NMM using the NMM Gold triad - it didn't come out quite like I imagined, but then, it was a LOT of surface area to attempt it on ..  Regardless, she was a lot of fun to paint up and even with the botched NMM, she's still a beauty.
      Also, the camera (the wife's Canon Powershot) made these pictures look sort of greenish - I don't know why.. I don't get this look with the phone camera.. /shrug :)
      Also, her claws are done in Antique Gold because I thought she should be a flashy lady.

      Because she's fighting for her life (or will be once I finish the evil adventuring party), I added fresh scorch marks for the holes in her wings.  This was accomplished  by blobbing on a bit of Pure Black and rubbing it around with my finger while it was still wet.  Finger Painting a dragon.. who knew?

      I found what looks like a scar across her eye, but decided that since she's in the fight of her life right now, she might as well have a fresh wound.  Coated the scar line with Gory Red. Then I dabbed a blob of Clotted Red at the bottom of the cut-line and blew it around to mimic the effects of moving her head while the fresh blood was flowing.   (also thanks to @Pingo for the suggestion to use @Guindyloo's tutorial for  eyes - I love how they came out )

      Critique, comments and suggestions welcome as always..
      WIP Here.
    • By eldamir
      Now that I've finally finished up the ruins for DDS2, the next step is to tackle Her Majesty, Nathavarr. 
      Glued and Green-stuffed all but the head and wings, then based in NMM Gold Base.

      For now, she looks like she fell in a vat of Golden's Mustard, but really, in our story, she's a poor, set-upon Gold Dragon defending her lair (and life) from evil adventurers (who have yet to be made properly Evil-looking).
    • By BananeDC
      Hi, here are thje photos of my "Dragons don't share", realized in december 2016.
      Hope you like it.














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