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Furiously Fluffy Howling Hounds, WhiteWulfe paints gnolls, minotaurs, and more! (probably pic intensive)

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Good base!


When I use flock, I usually spray a thin coat of antishine sealer afterwards.

It will keep everything in place as well seal the mini.

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4 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Good base!


When I use flock, I usually spray a thin coat of antishine sealer afterwards.

It will keep everything in place as well seal the mini.


Many thanks!  I might have to look into that, despite it being winter again outside and not having any kind of spray finisher.  It isn't too too bad this morning, but I suspect it will definitely need another coat of something before I continue onwards.  I am liking it more, although hubby did make me laugh when he looked at it and said it sort of looks like he's standing on cake...



I did realize one slight oops though - I kind of forgot to wash the werewolf before permanently attaching him to the base.  That's going to be fun to wash, but I'll figure something out ^_^;;;;  (I still want to reposition his head though, and then fill in a few gaps anyways, so there is that)

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Spraying Sealer, not when freezing or something!

You need to be in a temperate dry environment to use it well or it will ruin your paintjob!

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30 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Spraying Sealer, not when freezing or something!

You need to be in a temperate dry environment to use it well or it will ruin your paintjob!

That's the plan.  I usually wait until after the May long weekend just to be safe, as we rarely have frost by that point (if you're a gardener, out here we call those who plant in the first week or two of April risk takers, since our weather fluctuates so much in April, and most of May - you really need frost resistant plants if you do such, that and/or build frost shelter thingies).  I can't resist typing fhe following purple... 



Nothing quite like a warm Alberta morning in the spring! 


... Not shorts weather though, even for a delivery driver! 

Edited by WhiteWulfe
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On 03/04/2018 at 12:26 PM, Chaoswolf said:

The base looks very good!

Many thanks!  Now that it's dried (forgot to take pics, oops) I like it a lot more.  I'll definitely be doing another layer of thinned glue over it though, just to be certain I have a mostly sealed surface to work with before paint goes on ^_^



Speaking of bases, I started work on two more, this time the ones for my Reaver, as well as Toghra.  Well, that's the minis, odds are these two will have names soon enough. 


Anyways, Reaver first! 



^So yeah, things definitely look rough at this stage, but that's how things go when you're using glue that takes a while to set.  Bottle of wood glue makes for a nice weight to hold it down for twenty minutes though! ::P:  (Yes, I do plan on getting Tacky Glue when I can, it's infinitely easier to use, and faster setting, plus thicker right off the bat) 


Anyways!  For his base, I'm leaning more towards the thought of him standing on a hoodoo, of course watching out for a passing convoy, tracing down someone, something like that, who knows at this precise point... But the kind of thing like I'd already decided upon ^_^;;;;;  I haven't decided if I'll make the top thicker or not, but I suspect I will, since it would accentuate the whole hoodoo effect further I feel. 


I also decided to use some of that cork grit/dust that I got from GreenStuffWorld as a test, and I kind of rather like it.  It's handy like the other stuff I have, but neutral in colour.  That and for some reason I just like how it compliments the torn apart cork sheets of cork... 


As for Toghra.... 


Here's how things were shortly after it finally held the three layers of cork roll down (so 6mm in height total, at least on top of the base) and I kind of had this feeling of "whoops, way too much glue"...  Especially since I was aiming for some sort of rocky plain, obviously fitting in along with what seems to be steadily becoming a theme of being based in Southern Alberta's badlands...  Which truth be told, I wouldn't mind. 


Anyways, I left it as it was, and waited to see how things would turn out.  Hubby even commented on how it had more of a swampier feel to it, and my response was "guess we'll see how it goes" or something to that effect.  I suspect his comment was based on just how wet the whole thing looked... ::P:




^Okay, twenty minutes later it's had a chance to start slurping that glue into its pores, and I'm a LOT happier about its look.  Like, immensely happier with it :wub:


How do the mini look on them?  Uhm, no idea yet, as I havent tried test fitting anything yet - other than a really quick dry fit before the glue came out for the Reaver. 




As for why the combination of sheet cork and the thin, small stuff that's affectionately referred to as dust by some?  Well, I wanted to see what could happen, if I could add in effects that looked like erosion, as well as not have to rough up the sheets as much as before - oh, and to hide the transition between the layers too.  I'll know for sure tomorrow which parts of my trials came through and which ones will require redoing, but I'm more than happy either way to simply be having fun doing this and that ^_^



With regards to the badlands theme, I suspect it's because of a few reasons...  First and foremost, I've always liked them.  Not necessarily because that's where Albertasaurus was discovered (alongside a bunch of other ones), but also because the way the ground is out there totally fascinates me.  Cave paintings out there were rather gorgeous too - I say we're, because now you can't go and see them even on  a guided tour thanks to vandals...  And hey, it's something completely different than my other projects (Catachans are jungle and city, Tau will be city done slightly differently, my Skaven will be old city that's being destroyed and pillaged, Ebonwrath will be a forest and creek, etc) 

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I really like the effects you're getting with the cork, really good stuff there!

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On 4/5/2018 at 5:21 AM, Chaoswolf said:

I really like the effects you're getting with the cork, really good stuff there!

Many thanks!  I won't lie..  While a small part of me is still going "local-ish plains, and hyenas live in plains, really?  You're going that way?" the other 95% of me goes "I like the idea, AND it just seems to fit, doubly so given the storied history of that area anyways"....  So that slight nagging aspect in my mind got stuffed in a corner! ::P: Besides, I like the idea, it feels like it fits, and that's what matters - it's also an area I normalyl wouldn't go for simply because, well, like previously mentioned, I usually seem to gravitate towards forests and cities for some reason. ^_^


Feels somewhat weird to be getting into a semi-regular updating kind of thing, and it's mainly been just about the bases for two of them, but sometimes that's what happens when you only have 30 or so minutes to hobby, but it's progress none the less ^_^


Due to the decent amount of photos I'm spoilering the rest of the post so that way mobile users won't have to scroll through eight to ten pages of pictures just to get to the next post.

First up is the Reaver:




^Initial rough-ins for the Reaver's base...



^And dusted up.  For some reason I wanted to experiment with the cork "dust" granules going almost all the way up...  Not the most realistic, but full on realism isn't what I'm going for, and I like it, especially how it seems to hide the transitions between layers a lot better.  I personally like it, but naturally I'm curious as to thoughts from others.



^I was curious as to how he'd look on his base, so after pinning I did a mockup.  I suspect getting the exact angle I'm thinking of might be a tad difficult, but I'm sure I'll figure out one that's fairly close that doesn't lead to a mini faceplanting whenever it's touched (aka I don't want him centered, nor do I want to have him right on the very edge - very edge is the unstable mini complex I'm worried about, as it would be too much weight forwards, both in mass, as well as imagery)


Next up is Toghra:




^Also did the second coat of watered down glue last night for Toghra's base, and the first words out of hubby's maw this time was "looks like a mesa", followed shortly by a quick Google and him adding in "okay, not quite as it doesn't have a cliffside, but you get what I meant".  I agree, I was aiming for some sort of broken earth with slight hills look, and I got close enough I say ^_^



^Now comes the fun part though...  With how his right arm stretches out a good amount to the side, and how I built the base, it seems to gravitate towards pushing him right into the center of the base, and surprisingly to me, it's one I don't seem to mind too too much given the non-symmetrical nature of the base itself.  Only question is I can't quite decide which way I'd want to have him set up...  With the more open part at the front (and it almost looking like he's stalking), the open part behind him (and therefore looking almost like he's stepping down from a small hill), or in a slightly more dynamic posing with one foot lifted upright in a manner that could conveyed as about to engage in a fight and feels like a much more aggressive pose, especially with how I photographed it.  Apologies for the blurry bases, trying to hold a mini up with my main (left) hand while taking pictures with my offhand is...  An interesting experience.  So glad I used my phone, and not my G85.


Oh, and his arms are held in place with blu-tac.  I wanted them on so I could get a better idea of how his pose would interact with his base.  The large amount of it that looks almost like sleeves is so that the arms would actually more or less stay in place! ::): 



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I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with Krokuta.  and as I wrote in my own Show off of her


If she's a cleric, I'd really hate to meet one of their high priestess...




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3 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with Krokuta.  and as I wrote in my own Show off of her





Yeah, she definitely isn't one of those "day at the spa" types, that's for sure.  I'm still uncertain as to my actual plans for her, but I'm strongly suspecting she'll be pulled off the base I had originally glued to her, as it doesn't quite feel right to have put all that effort into it would of the guys, but then leave her as just a dressed up base.  Aka I'm starting to slowly get ideas for what would work well with the rocks her metal base has. 


3 hours ago, Crowley said:

Looking good. I like how you textured the cork. 


You're prickly gonna want to weigh down the base. Putting A metal mini on a stack of cork isn't the most stable combination. Here's how I did mine.



Autocorrupt strikes again it seems ^_^


That's partially why I've been contemplating a more centered position for his weight... With how he's posed, it won't come across as being centered, which helps.  I'll know more once he's pinned in place, but I'll definitely keep the washer idea in mind in case I need to go ahead with it. ^_^

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Now, most people would say it would be logical, or even "common sense" to do the miniature and the base separately, and then join them closer to the end...  And if you're going to do the basing on a mini, wait until the end so you don't muck up things as much....  Or they'll say go basic, and paint over things.  Well, I don't have much in the way of room, so that logic has to go out in the window if I want to work on more than a few minis at any given time, or at least that's what I'm saying ::P:   That and I'm using the reasoning of "much easier to determine moods and emotions conveyed, as well as determine lighting if I have the bases done first.  That and I wanted to do up some bases, so, uhm.... yeah. ^_^


I suppose it's mainly one of those "we all do things our own way", and since I've never really (*coughs* NEVER *coughs*) done any actual kind of basing, I figured I'd give this way a try.  If it works, it works, if it causes issues, I learn from such! :wub:


In the end, my goal was to add a bit more to things, knowing fully well I'm going to have to prime the bases anyways so I can get the colours I want (and not have it, y'know, be downright obvious cork was used!).  An additional side goal was making it so that I could reach most areas with a brush, and actually get detail in.  My phone's camera was used for convenience - that and I had bits of wood glue here and there on my fingers, so figured it would just be easier to use a phone - that and the camera is decent enough, and even with a semi-full desk of miniatures it provides enough separation between what I'm photographing, and what's blurred.  Okay, the blur is PRETTIER from my G85, but still (and if you want pretty, wait until I come up with an actual plausible reason to spend the money on the Olympus 17mm f1.2, then it'll be REALLY PRETTY blur :wub:) ^_^;;;;


Just a single pic of each one for the moment.  Also, up front apologies for the somewhat harsh light, I only have one light in my painting area at the moment, and it's also a 2700K warm bulb.



^First and foremost, we have the Reaver himself, up on his cliff, keeping an eye out for trespassers, convoys to ambush, or the local girl guide troupe to be nearby with thin mints.  The last one for some reason they're willing to pay for, and they'll never say why.


I wound up drilling the holes for his pins and the tabs a tad too widely, and so I added some more of that fine grit cork to add additional detail and depth to the plateu, not to mention cover such up.



^It didn't seem to take too long for me to decide on the posing I would go with for Toghra.  Out of my three initial ideas, a co-worker (that's a LARPer, and used to do scenery stuff), hubby, and myself all picked the look of him stepping up onto that little "hill" with his hind paw a tad lower, as it really plays up the whole confident dominance Toghra seems to portray.  Of course, he's currently armless, so he just looks like a gnoll or hyena version of the black knight after the first two strikes, but I digress.  Didn't feel like getting out the blu-tac just to make the picture nicer ::P:  I wound up adding some more of that fine grit cork under his left footpaw, since it looks a lot more like his digitigrade foot (short version: digitigrade = only walks on the balls of their feet, unlike plantigrade where it's ball and heel with a much more pronounced flatness to the whole foot overall) is actually on the ground.  When I first was test fitting him, half his foot was off the ground and my initial though was "yeah, that'll be way too noticeable, I'm covering that up", and voila.  He  now actually looks like he's walking on the ground instead of some weird version of floating!



^Next up is Kogo.  Yup, base isn't anywhere near as pretty as the others, but I still feel that the mostly cork rubble (with some fine grit, aka dust) hopefully will convey a sense of someone who's adventurous, mischevious, and...  Okay, yeah, that's the sculpt itself, but still :P



^Djiro is up next.  I also wanted to convey the whole wandering adventurer kind of feel, and have it look potentially somewhat mountainous, while also fitting in with the others.



^Ahhh, a pair of gnolls who are out to prove themselves.  Haven't decided which one's my favourite, but I definitely prefer the expression on the sworld wielder ::D:



^Ahhh, Krokuta.  I'm slowly warming up to you.  Well, her sculpt steadily won me over, but I'm starting to rather like the outright viciousness she clearly demonstrates.  That and her mace flail is just one of those, oh, I dunno, "you know what you've done" kind of intimate weapons.



^And lastly, we have one of my Minotaurs (Reaper 77501).  At the moment, I'm not quite certain if I caught the whole "broken up ancient temple grounds" kind of vibe, but I suspect with painting, and maybe a few different angles of pictures, I'll grow more to like it.  Minotaur shown as a possible placement, since glue was still drying when I took that pic and I didn't feel like getting wood glue all through a drill bit just so I could permanently attach him a few minutes sooner.



...Definitely hoping to get some primer on a few of these minis this weekend, but naturally it all depends on how often we go out.  Thankfully, it seems the weather has decided we won't be doing too too much of that whole "going out thing", but we're still planning on hitting up one of the local table top gaming places today because, hey, they have really REALLY good coffee.

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Brief update for now, since I was planning on having lunch and then heading out, but a fox for some reason kiiiiind of inadvertantly over-filled the crockpot, and is now waiting on the water level to go down a tad further so the lid can actually be removed without making a mess.  I want my soup-stew, and I want it now, but...  *coughs* Anyways, we left off with 77501 Minotaur last time, and so today he will be the first for pictures!



^So he's now actually attached to his base, and with the glue having dried I'm happy about how it looks.  Naturally I'll fix his bent axe (which hopefully will stay fixed), and there are still gaps to fill (that odd one at his neck is kind of annoying), but that will happen soon enough!



^And then we have Toghra, who's had his arms pinned and glued into place, because, well, I prefer painting with them assembled if at all possible, and it seems there will be enough room to get all of the details.  We'll see if this comes back to bite me or not, but I'll blame the fact that I haven't had any of that soup-stew that's been making our place smell really REALLY good for the past twelve hours (I usually have it go for 16-18 hours in the slow cooker, because all 4lbs of meat comes out really REALLY tender, and I can stuff a bunch of veggies in there as well).



Next step for most of these various fluffy ones?  The dreaded b-word.  No, the other one.  Bath.  Not quite certain why "basset hound" was the first to come to mind....

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I suppose bacon could have also been a choice word that starts with the letter b..... ^_^


Well now, there's something I hadn't expected to run into so early into things...  Pretty much out of lids (and blu-tac) to put miniatures on...  Guess I'll have to actually paint some so that said lids become available again! ::P:


G85 came out to play because, well, I like it's results more, and I wasn't tired, so figured why not!



^First up is Krokuta.  Looks like I'll have to touch up the primer in a few spots, but I was kind of expecting such last night anyways since I'd only given her a really quick glance over when I thought I was "done" with the priming.  As for colours, I haven't quite thought of a particular pattern or set of colours yet, but for some reason two three main references come to mind...
- The obvious one: Shenzi from Lion King, because Whoopi is awesome,

- The semi-obvious one: spotted hyenas in general, and

- The not so obvious one: African Wild Dog (aka "painted dog")


African Wild Dog seems tempting, but thhat's a rather complicated pattern to try and reproduce... Hmmm, this will require additional thought.


EDIT: Whoooops, totally didn't finish my post, so having to add more stuff in as an edit ^_^;;;;;  Thankfully, the forum software was all "oh, hey, he uploaded five pics, we'll just attach the other three to the post now..." and it reminded me rather quickly I had forgotten to write something!


Also, paint mix was 10 drops of white brush on primer, 2 drops of grey liner, and 1 drop of water, which gave enough for two-ish miniatures.


^Not quite sure why I only took a pic of his front, but that's life.  For now, Kogo is primered as well!  Kind of thinking going with a swift fox's pattern for him....



^And Djiro.  Not quite certain why but the thought of marble fox keeps bouncing into my head for her, although silver fox is also tempting.

Edited by WhiteWulfe
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      Sure, I definitely feel like I already have enough WIP threads going, but at the same time hubby did ask me to work on this one for him, so why not.  For some reason I was rather excited he asked me to paint her for him (he's painting the rest of his Circle Orboros Battlegroup Box (PIP 72094))...  I blame her cape.  It's a rather interesting looking one, filled with all sorts of details.  Staff is quite nice too

      ^So here is where things start.  Yup, it isn't the prettiest of jobs for gluing, especially where that staff meets the shoulder.  It just wouldn't stick when I put it together, and I think at the time I didn't have my pinning stuff yet.  Could be wrong, but for now that's the story I'm sticking with! 

      ^While it was tempting to try and sculpt something, given she's already glued down, I figured I'd use a mix I had made up ages ago of various grades of what I think was Woodland Scenics ballast because it's quick, easy, convenient, and the grains are all sized slightly differently....  And that add a bit more later on, be it rocks and/or various bushes or whatever.
      Right off the bat I'm going to say this: I so didn't get all of the seams, and I'm more or less okay with such.  Sadly, a lot of them are in really odd places (who puts a seam in the middle of several cloak folds?)

      ^How things look now.  Ahhh, Grey Liner, you're ever so useful it seems.  It's pretty much become my go-to for priming, and I love how the colours seem to be somewhat different as they set along the various parts of the mini.
      I do understand that having fully assembled her things will be difficult, but it was originally a mini hubby was going to paint, and he asked she be assembled...  So I'm taking it as a challenge to undertake now, yes, let's go with that one!   Going to be letting the liner dry and fully set/cure/whateverit'scalled and am hoping to spend a bit of time every night on her this week!
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