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Furiously Fluffy Howling Hounds, WhiteWulfe paints gnolls, minotaurs, and more! (probably pic intensive)

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18 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

I'm looking forward to see these painted!



As am I!  ..... Although there's always the usual "wait, these aren't Space Marines, what colour do I even start with" and "what should I colour in first" questions on my mind, but thankfully those are simple enough to work out. 


I really am feeling the idea of the African wild dog pattern on Krokuta, so despite it being two things I've never done before (fur, and a semi-complex fur pattern) I'm probably going to go ahead with it, because despite its complexity it just seems to feet the best.  Truth be told, my mind is more worried about her and Djiro's outfits, and their colours, as I want them to be nice. ::P:


More stuff, including quite possibly actual painting to come tonight, as well as rebasing of two of the ones in my initial post.  I'd consider rebasing my 77013 Minotaur alongside the two Bones gnolls, but would have to think, since the cloth around his waist is attached to the base, I'm hesitant.  In other words he's a maybe atm, but since everyone else is based in a pleasing manner I kind of want a similar look across the board.  That and I want an excuse to make nice bases, so.... 


I also need to base and prime 77254 Beastman Champion, but that can happen later on as there's only so much room on the table, and I want to clear up some of what I have ready to paint and/or prime first!  I do know he will NOT be on a hill, despite being some sort of goat base, and my guys being predominately based in the southern Alberta badlands, where conveniently enough there are a decent amount of hills ::P:

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No paint today for the army, just gap filling, which can be fun in it's own way!  Why gap filling instead of painting?  Well, part of it was I wanted to do something different than painting since I'd spent three hours working on my Skaven Warlord, while the other half was these guys are on the table, and so close to being primed, but those gaps were downright annoying (aka: I'm planning on priming a bunch of the various minis on the table quite possibly next time, so they're all ready to go and I can start actually painting colours onto them!)



^So first up is 77501 Minotaur.  Gaps were filled, and I tried to match his hairline, but didn't quite get the lines for the muscles to match up.  Really hoping it isn't too obvious once paint goes in, but it's about forty two times better than that gigantic gap he had before.



^Next up is filling the gaps on 77464 Werewolf, where by sheer coincidence (because I was somewhat random with my tool, and just went with what "felt good" for trying to keep the hair flowing from head to body) a good amount of the lines matched up.  Once again, I'm curious as to how it will look with paint, but I suspect it will be more believable than the previous minotaur.  Gap around his tailbase will be taken care of next time.



Figure I should comment on greenstuff too...  Funny how it's so much nicer to work with when you, uhm, coat your tools in Green Stuff World's sculpter's vaseline and get some of it on your fingers...  Oh man, stickyness, what stickyness?  It only sticks when I push it against something!

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Once again, a bit of an incremental update, as I was focused on finishing up filling gaps on these guys, and then most of my miniature hobbying time tonight was spent on YouTube Wyrmgear.



^Filled the gap in my werewolf's tailbase, although somewhat sloppily, at least in my eyes....  Kind of hoping it won't show much at all when painted, but I'm certain it'll look better than that horrible gap it had before.



^And while they weren't all that bad and probably could have been covered up with paint, the slight gaps on Toghra were kind of bugging me, and therefore they were filled in.



As for working with greenstuff..  Yup, definitely loving the use of my GSW Sculpter's Vaseline as it actually makes life soooo much easier with the stuff, as does staging your mixed stuff on a sheet of wax paper, instead of your cutting mat.


Definitely looking forward to priming up the six minis I have ready to go, because then it means after that will be some actual paint, w00t!

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I was intending on priming a bunch of figures last night, but only wound up priming most of one.  Not that I mind too too much, as progress is progress, in Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) as well as painting... ::D:  I also don't think I realized how long it would take me to prime just the one mini, with all its small details, insane amount of fur, and most importantly, all that textured surface called his base.  ::P:


That's right, I primed my Reaver, and needless to say I like where things are already going... 



So first and foremost arms are mounted up.  They'll be primed hopefully tonight so I can work on everything at once.  Goal is to get the inside of the arms all painted (I suspect I'll give the temporary pinning trick others do a try so I can have paint application be even around the arm) as well as what will be covered up by his arms and then glue the parts in place before continuing.  It feels weird to me, but hey, it's what one has to do to not scream in frustration as they try to paint and the assembled parts block what you're trying to paint! ^_^



Yaaaay, priming is more or less done.  Next step I suspect is some sort of black wash along the base, to put black paint into the crevices, add more shadow depth and all that.  For him though, I'm definitely thinking that it will be wiser to finish the base second, for two reasons.  One, there isn't quite enough Blutac to hold him in place firmly.  Secondly, I'll want proper reference material for the intended cliffside / mock hoodoo before I go ahead.  I want to operate on actual photos, not memories of when I was last there a dozen years ago, because my imagination will then make the whole "we have dinosaurs in Drumheller!" slogan actually true, and there will be roaming dinosaurs in said thoughts...  Not just popping out of the IGA's wall. ::P:



Edit: oh right.  Before I forget to add it in, I'm planning on going with some sort of fiery orange colouration to his fur, with a streakingly red hot kind of mohawk....  And Toghra will be more of a purplish-blue for his colouration.  Still debating between stripes and spots, but I've always had a soft spot for spots, so.....  Maybe both? One never knows until they get to that point.... 


As for Krokuta, the thought that comes to mind for colouration is "creamy black" to which I go "uhm, brain...  Those two don't words quite go together, and arguably are opposite each other, but I'll try" because it sounds like an interesting idea. 


EDIT 2: I think on my next Reaper order I won't only be buying brush on primer, but I think it will also have some of the other primer colours so I don't have to keep mixing primer and liner ^_^   There's probably also going to be brown liner, for obvious reasons.

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^More work on my Gnoll Reaver of Kargir.  Murdered out is kind of nice looking on him, but I suspect the brown liner would help immensely on the rocks since I'm still aiming for a hoodoo kind of look.  Today's paint?  Grey Liner, mixed 4:1 with water (4 drops liner, 1 drop water).


Gave the night mode on my Huawei P20 Pro a try, since I have a new phone and the camera's low light was one of the biggest reasons I chose it in the first place....  I'm more than happy enough for something that fits in my pocket and can do a bunch of things my actual camera can't do ^_^


Grey liner also helps out for this guy, because I'm planning on going with somewhat darker fur on him anyways ^_^;;;;;

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Haven't been up to much miniatures wise, but I see Oathsworn has brought out their Minotaur Barbarian and the Kitsune Rogue, so once there's a bit more room on the credit card I am so ordering those two... 


Would have an update today, but company is coming over in a few hours.  Hoping to do a few things this week though! 

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Queue silly remark like "back in black" or something like that.  Primed a few more minis thanks to the weather having FINALLY cooled off...  Kind of nice to have a living room that isn't over 30C for a change. ^_^


...Probably going to have to buy some more Grey Liner sooner than later though, given how much I've been using as of late...


Quick pics because man is it late, and do I ever need sleep!



^Group shot!


I did have individual shots, but, uhhhhhhm....  There was certain tabletop clutter that I'd rather not put into the pics - glad I noticed it before I hit submit.  Such sucks, but I'd rather not get in trouble.  I'll have to retake the close-ups another time. ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;  Needless to say, I'm happy I have a good amount of them lined, as it means I'll be able to move onwards to the next step, YAY! ....Aka actual colour and all that - first two minis will be, as some might guess by the fact they have makeshift "handles" under them now, Reaver and Krokuta.  Tempted to "mount up" Toghra as well to have four different minis to work on at the same time, but I have a feeling that might be overkill, doubly so alongside two dragons.  Hmmmmmm.  Time will tell.

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Yay, no silly little "oops, that shouldn't be in the shot" photos this morning, aka I retook them :P  Y'know, for a phone, I'm quite happy about it....  Except despite having FOUR TYPES of autofocus, it sure didn't like focusing on Kogo, and especially so on Djiro.






So looking forward to getting some actual colour on these ones.  I'm also impressed with how easily liner goes on them too!

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More painting!  This time brought to you by a much more glittering, shiny, wolf-thing approved album like "Death, Thou Shalt Die" by Amduscia.     ....Just kidding, the more "glitter approved" album was Rust In Peace by MegaDeth.  I still listened to a good amount of Amduscia though :P  ...Ended with a few of Aesthetic Perfection's singles (Ebb and Flow, LAX, Love Like Lies, and Big Bad Wolf)


Paints used today:

9037 Pure Black

9042 Dark Highlights

9200 Harvest Brown

9433 Mountain Stone

9434 Wolf Grey

29854 Arctic Grey


Photos taken (poorly, with shaky hands!) with a Huawei P20 Pro in Night Mode ^_^


Today's focus was aimless wandering and experimentation (yay for not knowing where to start, and the first idea that comes to mind is basing, so... base painting it was for the start!), aka adding more shadows to various bases with a Pure Black wash.  Since those that only got such treatment look rather strikingly like the previous pics but just slightly darker, I didn't take pics of them.  Sorry Toghra, Djiro and Kogo...  Next time!  Pics aren't in any particular order from the night...



^First up is Krokuta, who I started working on the chain for the mace, since for some reason I can't quite decide on colours for her fur.  Well, that and I had a leftover 3:1:1 mix of Wolf Grey to Arctic Grey (to water) from other things, so figured I'd use it as a base for other things.  Yup, probably going to go for some sort of metallic paint eventually, since I have a feeling that I don't quite have the right paints to pull off any sort of NMM effect.



^Excuse the delivery driver nails and whatnot ^_^;;;;  Anyways, got a base coat down, and I think it was 3:1 Mountain Stone to Wolf Grey, but the second one very well might have been Arctic Grey.  Honestly can't remember.  Was a watered down wash kind of consistency.  Goal is to get him down to more of an ashen fur and I'll work it from there.  Still kind of uncertain how I'm going to do that, but wheee experimentation and slowly making him look better ^_^;;;;;



^Minotaur got a good amount of attention, at least to the rocks within his base.  Started working on layering, and the goal is to go with some sort of rather ancient looking kind of stone.  Started with a mixture of Mountain Stone and Dark Highlights (3:1... I think?), then it was various other "stone coloured" mixes (aka I honestly can't remember due to being rather tired as I'm writing this).  The rest of the debris will be some sort of reddish orange, with a small mix of burnt greys and slight tinges of black, as if to hint to ages of struggles, with some having been newer on the now destroyed temple grounds he walks on and guards.  Or something ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;



^Last but not least we have my Reaver of Kargir.  This is where the majority of the Harvest Brown / Dark Highlights mix was used.  I'm still...  debating about how the rock looks, truth be told.  I suspect a few more layers and I'll be a lot happier with it, but it definitely doesn't scream "canyon overlook" or "HEY I'M ON TOP OF A HOODOO WHOOOO!!!!! (gnollderpface!)"... at least not yet ^_^;;;

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Since today's theme seemed to be "prime all the things on my desk" the two gnoll (Marauders I think?) wound up being primed as well!




Don't really have too too much to say about them at the moment, although I'm looking forward to additional painting of my Reaver, since he's the main one I'm focusing on at the moment and sure would love to finish! ^_^

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Wound up mixing a fair bit of extra paint while working on Tanith, so did a bit of prep work on Reaver's most prominent feature..  Nope, not the shield, or his grin...





^Well, okay, it's rather ruddy brown with barely any kind of orange to it right now, but we're steadily building there!  ....And if I can pull it off?  it'll be a gorgeous, fiery kind of colour, quite possibly tipped with hot pink of some description, because I absolutely love that colour (and used to rock a hot neon pink mohawk years ago myself!)


Still debating on whether it'll be red roots, burnt orange middle, hot pink tips, or just go from burnt orange to hot pink.  Tough call.

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Progress has happened on my Reaver of Kargir, whooo gnolls!  Okay, it's progress that happened back on Thursday and I was too tired to post then, but I digress ^_^;;;;


Oh right, I also got my new lights set up, courtesy of Ikea.  Yaaaay, new lights!  Once again, thanks to @canuckotter for the suggestion, as it was all of $46.16 CAD to get two of the gunmetal grey Tertial lamp thingies, and two of the Ledare 1000 lumen 2700K CRI >90 bulbs, which put into perspective, wasn't even the cost of one of the Viltrox L116T panels I was looking at (they're $48.51 CAD on Amazon Canada atm, and you have to spend another $40 CAD on accessories to get the same functionality ($20ish on a Neewer boom arm, and another $20ish on either a battery to power it or a power adapter)).  So again, many thanks for suggesting such, because $46.16 CAD was a lot easier to squeeze into the budget than the $180-200ish CAD would have been for the Viltrox panels I was originally looking at!  So much easier in face I wound up spending another $23.08 to get hubby his own light (he only wanted one, as he can use additional light from mine, but is happy with just the one).



^Okay, fine, here's a pic of how it is now.  Can't really do a comparison to the old one like I wanted to (since hubby's light is taking up that outlet now), but we'll just say there's 5x the amount of lumens hitting a wider area, so I'm happy about the fact I don't have to lean over anymore and leave it at that ^_^  Pic only has my two lights in it, but eh :P


Paints used this go-around....

9030 Leather Brown

9037 Pure Black

9089 Cloudy Grey

9404 Cinnamon Red

9432 Desert Sand

9437 Dragon Black

29805 Burning Orange

29822 Suntan Flesh



^So first and foremost, since a decent amount of the occasional splotches of either cork or my initial white primer / grey liner mix was visible, I went over the entire base with a wash of sorts made out of two drops of Pure Black and 8-10 drops of water...  Darkened things up a fair bit, but that's life, i was kind of expecting such to happen ^_^



^Three layers of drybrushing later (looks like I didn't take any in progress pics, oh well), this is how things turned out.  I wanted to have it seem like the top part was of a different composition, like how hoodos generally are, but I might have to lighten it up a tad more and/or work further on blending between the two layers, since I'm still finding it a tad too red.  Or, in other words, since I knew I only had an hour and a half or so on Thursday night, I wanted to have an in progress pic that had actual visible changes ^_^;;;


Sadly, I can't remember what was used for each layer, but they were, as one can probably assume, various shades of brown, with Desert Sand being the last one.  I think the reddish colour was brought about by a combination of Cinnamon Red and Burning Orange.


Also, it's not quite all that visible in the pictures, but I started blocking his fur colour, with the base being a combination of Dragon Black and Cloudy Grey, with a 2:1 combination of...  Well, can't quite remember which got two drops >.>;;;;  Either way, some may inquire as to why, well, uhm...  He's going to have fur colour strikingly similar to the av I use on most forums.  Yup, black fur, with various bits of orange.  This'll be... Interesting to bring out the detail, but it's something I've had in mind for a while now, just like how I want to go with purples and blues for Toghra!

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More blocking in of various colours!


Paints used:

9089 Cloudy Grey

9403 Polished Leather



I'm still debating about what particular shade to go with for the armour, so for now most of that got Cloudy Grey, while the various leather straps and pouches were hit up with Polished Leather for the initial coat.  Totally forgot to do work on his arms, but that'll happen soon, hence why no pictures of said arms ^_^;;;;

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      Here are my two kitsune figures, painted at last!
      These two are available in Dark Heaven Legends as 03801 Kogo (him) and 03802 Dijoro (her).  In Bones, they are 77473 and 77474.  I painted the metal versions.
      Pathfinder has rules for kitsune and tengu characters, and they have been legal in Pathfinder Society for a couple of years, so I wanted Reaper to have miniatures available to those players.
      I sculpted these two in late 2015 (wow, that long ago?!).  They were in the "Eastern Legends" stretch-goal of the Bones 3 Kickstarter, along with my 3 tengu figures and Tre Manor's oni. 
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      I've spent 20+ hours on each of the two, including prep, priming, image-searches, painting, a few rounds of photos and touchups, and now this post.  I had intended to give them quick-but-clean paint jobs (not more than 10 hours each), but the hours added up with the detailed patterns and freehand, the custom "Japanese garden" bases (his Zen garden of stones and raked gravel, and her stone and lantern), and repainting both figures' bladed weapons with simpler smooth gradients (over a very busy small-brushstroke effect the first time).
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      The color and pattern of his shirt are inspired by a piece of celadon pottery with a network of fine cracks in its glaze.
      I expected to paint his sake bottle and cup in a lighter color (white or celadon green), but the rusty red worked better in the composition.  I did an image-search for "red glazed sake cups" to assure myself of a real-world precedent.
      A few more notes and details:

      What's with her pose?  I intended her to be drawing a hidden knife from her bodice, though I think I sculpted it a little too well-hidden.  Her expression is devious on the right side but fake-afraid on the left.  Nevermind the naginata in plain sight, it's the hidden knife that her opponent should fear!...

      I asked ReaperRon (art director) whether a female kitsune should have humanlike hair to be more obviously feminine, and sketched a few options.  He preferred this one with the long flowing hair. 
      I painted it with a transition from orange to dark brown so there wouldn't be an obvious hairline.

      I like the accidental color on his haramaki ("belly-warmer" armor) -- I couldn't decide whether to paint it green, blue, purple, or brown, and the multiple layers of paint combined in an interesting way.

      That smirk!

      I need to call them done and move on to other projects.
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      in an effort to like....actually not have 300 minis to paint by the time Bones 4 AND the critical role minis all hit me next year, I’ve decided to paint three a week, and always have a bigger work in progress going. This week I picked some low hanging fruit so I actually did more than that. 
      The ice troll was my bigger monster this week. 
      Air elemental i wanted to look like it was sorta tearing up the earth beneath ala a tornado....
      enjoy! C&C welcome! 

    • By WhiteWulfe
      Sure, I definitely feel like I already have enough WIP threads going, but at the same time hubby did ask me to work on this one for him, so why not.  For some reason I was rather excited he asked me to paint her for him (he's painting the rest of his Circle Orboros Battlegroup Box (PIP 72094))...  I blame her cape.  It's a rather interesting looking one, filled with all sorts of details.  Staff is quite nice too

      ^So here is where things start.  Yup, it isn't the prettiest of jobs for gluing, especially where that staff meets the shoulder.  It just wouldn't stick when I put it together, and I think at the time I didn't have my pinning stuff yet.  Could be wrong, but for now that's the story I'm sticking with! 

      ^While it was tempting to try and sculpt something, given she's already glued down, I figured I'd use a mix I had made up ages ago of various grades of what I think was Woodland Scenics ballast because it's quick, easy, convenient, and the grains are all sized slightly differently....  And that add a bit more later on, be it rocks and/or various bushes or whatever.
      Right off the bat I'm going to say this: I so didn't get all of the seams, and I'm more or less okay with such.  Sadly, a lot of them are in really odd places (who puts a seam in the middle of several cloak folds?)

      ^How things look now.  Ahhh, Grey Liner, you're ever so useful it seems.  It's pretty much become my go-to for priming, and I love how the colours seem to be somewhat different as they set along the various parts of the mini.
      I do understand that having fully assembled her things will be difficult, but it was originally a mini hubby was going to paint, and he asked she be assembled...  So I'm taking it as a challenge to undertake now, yes, let's go with that one!   Going to be letting the liner dry and fully set/cure/whateverit'scalled and am hoping to spend a bit of time every night on her this week!
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