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Furiously Fluffy Howling Hounds, WhiteWulfe paints gnolls, minotaurs, and more! (probably pic intensive)

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Whooooo, update time!  Today's update is brought to you by the forum's hangouts, alongside a fox having his mic set too low for half the night...  Or talking into the side of said mic, y'know, the part that REJECTS sound.  Oops. ^_^;;;;


Colours used:

9089 Cloudy Grey

9105 Sparkling Amethyst

9124 Adamantium Black

9433 Mountain Stone

9436 Bleached Linen

9437 Dragon Black

9439 Dragon White

9448 Dragon Copper

9452 Blade Steel


....I'm starting to notice a trend with the paints I use...   And I don't really mind it.  They're good paints, hence why I keep going for them. ^_^;;;


I didn't take any in progress pics, but painting steps were basically as follows...

Mohawk/mane: It looks a tad different from before because I used some of the sort-of-kind-of-not-really wash mix of Burning Orange and Cinnamon Red from when I was working on Tanith.

Eyes: Mixture of Bleached Linen and Dragon White, I think it was around 2:1 for that ratio

Base: drybrush added over most of the rocky bits of the eye mix.

Most of the armour: Sparkling Amethyst

Base coat for the shield's outer metal reinforcement: Cloudy Grey

Inner portion of the shield: 2:1 ratio of Blade Steel to Dragon Copper.  I was aiming for a kind of rustic bronze/copper kind of look, and one that hadn't really been well maintained

Fur: drybrush of Cloudy Grey mixed with Dragon Black, followed by a drybrush of Adamantium Black, as I wanted his fur to stand out a tad more.

Lining: Dragon Black.


I strongly suspect my next step will be the leather and cloth to get the rest of things blocked in, and then it'll be start working on individual details ^_^  Oh, and putting his arms on him soon, that too. 




Why the purple?  @OneBoot had absolutely nothing to do with it, nor @Pezler the Polychromatic.  Nope, not one bit at all ::P::devil:::P:

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Ahhh, how to get in trouble with your spouse.  Say you'll go to bed at a certain time, and then fire up a podcast (Blackout Music NL's "Blackout Podcast #74" to be precise) and you then get so much into the groove you don't realize you're almost half an hour later than such.  Oops.  Got called out on it too over Telegram, but hubby was "eh, he's painting, I'll let him do that" so... a win there I suppose? :P


Today's colours: 9037 Pure Black, 9135 Carnage Red, 9429 Rich Leather, 9440 Ebony Flesh.


Paint's still drying in some places, but still...



Leather straps got a round of Rich Leather, which apparently was what I previously used, but oh well, nothing wrong with having the colour look more like... well, leather....


Finally decided on what the side armour would be...  Outer edges used the same watery mix of Rich Leather I'd done before (and of course, as a single coat, didn't really wind up showing much), while the inner parts that kind of look like rumpled, reinforced leather of some description got a 3:1 mix of Carnage Red:Ebony Flesh, and two coats of that.


Then all the metal bits of armour, as well as leather got a nice coating of Pure Black watered down with eight drops of water to a single drop of paint to darken the shade (as well as reduce the metallic effect) in an attempt to make it look older, which it kind of did...  But I suspect I watered it down too much, since it didn't really seem to have put much in the way of paint into the crevices.  I'll know better tomorrow, since after I post this I'm getting some sleep!  Either way, I might wind up having a second go with that Pure Black in an attempt to shade things more tomorrow, but probably watered 1:4 paint to water, or such.  I'll have to look into some of my notes, and of course see how things look in the morning.




My two kitsunes also got some attention, but it was just Grey Liner touchups, so no pictures of that.

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More work on my Reaver of Kargir!


Paints used today...

9037 Pure Black

9042 Dark Highlights

9105 Sparkling Amethyst

9124 Adamantium Black

9200 Harvest Brown

9449 Dragon Bronze


Today's focus was predominately on the armour, specifically on making it take on that dirtier/darker look I've wanted for it, and to add a bit of depth to this and that before arms wind up being attached ^_^




Kind of funny how the wash works a LOT better when you use a more appropriate mix (4 drops of water to 1 drop of Pure Black) :rolleyes:


After a good thorough drenching in a black wash, the inner part of the shield got a mixture of 3:1:1 Dragon Bronze:Adamantium Black:water, followed by a drybrush over select areas of Dragon Bronze to try and add a highlight.  I suspect I'll have to get my actual camera out to take pictures of that, since my mobile phone had some serious issues with some of them and I had absolutely no choice but to go into pro mode and have it fight me the whole time (kind of defeats the whole point of "it's right there, take a quick snap, now doesn't it? ::P: ).  I am tempted to try the nuln oil to see if it would give me the effect I want, or even Secret Weapon's Armor wash...  Oh wait, can't use the Secret Weapon Armor wash yet since it isn't here yet....:poke:


Leather also got hit up with that black wash ^_^


Spear got the leftovers of the first drybrush from the inner part of the shield, and then a highlight drybrush of Dragon Bronze.  I haven't decided if it'll get a wash or not, but I suspect it wouldn't hurt to do such and give our Nuln Oil a try since I do have access to that....


Various armour pieces got hit up by the wash niiiice and thickly (although not drenched like the shield), and then highlights and edges got a drybrush of Sparkling Amethyst...  Kind of in an attempt to have the armour look old and worn, but still heavily used and kind of taken care of.


Oh right, his mohawk got a good drenching in the wash as well, because I decided I'd go back a few steps and ensure there was some nice shadow details in the, uhm, shadows.  I'm seriously thinking about that whole idea of having his mohawk go from a neon hot pink up to a fiery orange at the tips...  It would definitely be interesting to try and drybrush and blend such a fade, that's for sure!



...At some point he'll get pupils in those eyes, as I'll have to figure out how on earth I'm going to work out the whole burnt orange inner core that blends into a nephrite jade orange on the outside, and if I feel I have anywhere near that level of skill to pull off on such small eyes ^_^;;;;

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No work on the Reaver just yet, but wound up working on - of all things - Krokuta.  Why?  Well, it kind of felt like I had the perfect shade mixed up for some of her things, that I'd mixed up by accident.  6 parts of Vallejo Game Colour Hot Orange to one part Reaper Pure Black.  Turns out it was a shade of leather, and base for wood that I liked, so down it went....




She's one of the ones I'm hoping to finish off before I start the 7-day challenge for DDS2, ~and~ I wanted to do some more work on her anyways..  Just been a case of having my mind focused on other projects, but I'm quite happy with this lucky "accident" with paint mixing, since it helped solidify a few things and got the ball rolling ^_^

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More work on Krokuta, courtesy of having poured out a tad too much 9452 Blade Steel when working on my Skaven.  Oh well, waste not, want not, or something like that ^_^;;;


Paint used:

9452 Blade Steel



^Worked on a few different areas with Blade Steel, most namely her pauldrons, the spikes in her bracer, the paw on the shield, and the ball for her.. flail?  Arguably this is why I'd done the grey paint over the spiked ball, as I wanted a more subdued look that isn't quiiiite as shiny as if it would have been over a dark primer.  Basically I want it to get that look that it's metal, but rather well used.


Something about how sure, she's a cleric and will take care of your wounds, but there's just something about getting into the thick of it and pummeling your opponents senseless!


I'm seriously thinking of going with some sort of stone look to all those bumps and whatnot.  Sure, it isn't the most conventional of things, but at the same time, are you going to argue with a gnoll that's clearly in the mood to bash faces in? :devil:::P:


Now if only I could figure out what colour her fur will be o_O

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    • By Evilhalfling
      So I was really proud of this guy, am planning on submitting this for the inspiration Gallery
      I think it was new for bones 3, so this may be one of the first painted. 
      Oh there is a metal version - sculpted and painted by DKS. 
      aw man.... I need to fix some stuff. 
      Also when I first based it the leaves were too bright and stole attention.  (also a criticism  of my Reapercon entry)  So I tried adding some dull brown paint to tone it down.
      I think it worked and may go back and do the same to Treetop Pheonix. 

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      Here are my two kitsune figures, painted at last!
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      Pathfinder has rules for kitsune and tengu characters, and they have been legal in Pathfinder Society for a couple of years, so I wanted Reaper to have miniatures available to those players.
      I sculpted these two in late 2015 (wow, that long ago?!).  They were in the "Eastern Legends" stretch-goal of the Bones 3 Kickstarter, along with my 3 tengu figures and Tre Manor's oni. 
      You can search for the keyword "tengu" to find my painted examples here in the Show-Off forum. 
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      I had chosen these general colors (green/teal for him, and pink/purple for her) at least a year ago, but not the details.
      I've spent 20+ hours on each of the two, including prep, priming, image-searches, painting, a few rounds of photos and touchups, and now this post.  I had intended to give them quick-but-clean paint jobs (not more than 10 hours each), but the hours added up with the detailed patterns and freehand, the custom "Japanese garden" bases (his Zen garden of stones and raked gravel, and her stone and lantern), and repainting both figures' bladed weapons with simpler smooth gradients (over a very busy small-brushstroke effect the first time).
      I sculpted their clothes relatively simply, so you can paint them with smooth blends or give them intricate freehand patterns.  I did an online image-search for "Japanese fabric patterns" and used a few that I liked most.
      The color and pattern of his shirt are inspired by a piece of celadon pottery with a network of fine cracks in its glaze.
      I expected to paint his sake bottle and cup in a lighter color (white or celadon green), but the rusty red worked better in the composition.  I did an image-search for "red glazed sake cups" to assure myself of a real-world precedent.
      A few more notes and details:

      What's with her pose?  I intended her to be drawing a hidden knife from her bodice, though I think I sculpted it a little too well-hidden.  Her expression is devious on the right side but fake-afraid on the left.  Nevermind the naginata in plain sight, it's the hidden knife that her opponent should fear!...

      I asked ReaperRon (art director) whether a female kitsune should have humanlike hair to be more obviously feminine, and sketched a few options.  He preferred this one with the long flowing hair. 
      I painted it with a transition from orange to dark brown so there wouldn't be an obvious hairline.

      I like the accidental color on his haramaki ("belly-warmer" armor) -- I couldn't decide whether to paint it green, blue, purple, or brown, and the multiple layers of paint combined in an interesting way.

      That smirk!

      I need to call them done and move on to other projects.
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      as Usual, I failed to clean him up well, but he’s good for the table 

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      Long time I did not post a little painted guy :)
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      in an effort to like....actually not have 300 minis to paint by the time Bones 4 AND the critical role minis all hit me next year, I’ve decided to paint three a week, and always have a bigger work in progress going. This week I picked some low hanging fruit so I actually did more than that. 
      The ice troll was my bigger monster this week. 
      Air elemental i wanted to look like it was sorta tearing up the earth beneath ala a tornado....
      enjoy! C&C welcome! 

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