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Bones 3: Kyphrixis release date?

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Is there any word on how much longer we're going to have to wait for Kyphrixis to hit retail?  I'm not even picky about whether it's the clear or white model, I'd love to be able to get a second one since I've already started painting the one I got with my Bones 3 pledge.  

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Hoping for the clear version, but that will be part of my March Dungeon Dwellers order regardless. Now if only we could get Goremaw, the Froghemoth & T'raukzul I'd be ecstatic!

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Is the Kyphrixis that released today white Bones? It definitely looks white, but can someone say for certain?

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3 hours ago, ladystorm said:

it is not the clear version, it is the white version.


Ladystorm, any plans for Reaper to release the clear version to retail?

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    • By jtkimmel
      I finished this up right at Christmas to give to a friend as a gift. This is the first dragon I've ever painted (though I have been painting historical stuff for many, many years). It was certainly a learning experience, painting a dragon is not like painting a WW2 tank, and if I had been smart I would have done one for myself first as a test but time was of the essence and I was glad I finished it in time.
      I picked purple because its one of my friend's favorite colors, and was pleased to find there are actually purple dragons in fantasy, called Deep Dragons. I bought the Royal Purples triad from Reaper and used Imperial Purple as the main color and shaded and highlighted the scales with the Nightshade and Amethyst purples. The crest was painted with Coal Black from the holiday set before highlighting with the purples. The chest was a mix of Amethyst and Imperial purple. I added the blue gems on the chest late after seeing some other examples of Kyphrixis on these forums that had the gems painted.
      The wings in the photos are the third attempt at painting them, the first two versions I did not like. The first try was the base purple with a mottling of ivory. I was hoping to get a translucent look but it didn't work. Then I painted them Terran Khaki with the Ivory mottling to get a parchment look but that didn't look right either. I was going to repaint them in the base colors but wondered what they would like if I just covered the Khaki/Ivory with Army Painter Purple Tone. Two coats of the Purple Tone and I liked how it looked. I spray dullcoated him but the wings still have a bit a sheen from the Purple Tone.
      The rock base was painted charcoal then drybrushed with various greys and tans and the wood base is something I picked up at the craft store which was stained and varnished before the plastic base was glued on.
      I definitely learned a lot painting him and look forward to painting the rest of the dragons I got in Bones 3.

    • By Disciple of Sakura
      I picked up the clear Kyphrixis from Bones 3 with the full intent to make it a White Dragon while leaving the wing membranes translucent,which is what I did. I did wind up deciding to do a wash on the membranes, but otherwise, really love the effect. 

    • By OneBoot
      I actually really enjoy working with a limited color palette, so when I saw this thread proposing a color palette limited to 3 rolls of a d20 against a preselected chart of colors, I had to jump in! Now the Reapercon is finished, I thought it high time I finally started my dragon. I chose Kyphrixis, because he's such a cute little dragon (plus he's the only one of the 3 available options I actually had but that totally has no bearing on my decision whatsoever ).
      Here are my colors:

      Since the print is kind of small, here's the numbers: 19, 11, 15. So, according to the chart, that's Pure Black, Violet Red and Mint Green.
      I did wish I'd gotten something other than Pure Black for one of my rolls, since I'm going for the THREE STAR CHALLENGE (which means I'll only have 4 colors to work with instead of 5, since I am allowed my 3 rolled colors + White and Black for highlighting and shading). But that's okay, because I love a good challenge!
      To start off, here's Ky (that's what I'll call him from here on out since remembering how to spell his name each time will get annoying lol) all washed, trimmed, and primered with Brown Liner:

      I'll continue in a later post, since that's where I start the actual painting stuff!
      --OneBoot :D
    • By TheOldGuard
      Hi All!
      Here's Kyphrixis from the Bones 3 Kickstarter which I've been working on for the last few weeks.
      Thanks for looking!












    • By Evilhalfling
      Painting a dragon with random palette  of colors was a fun challenge.  One of the most fun to paint this year. (tied with Hippo King) 
      Contest Thread
      Combined Show-Off thread
      Insomnia started out as a storm dragon, but I chose to go with ocean waves instead.  I didn't have a sea dragon, and was having fun with water bases. 
      at 3 weeks of painting it is the second fastest dragon I have finished.   Really it just flew by, and I kept making more time to work on him. 
      His name is Insomina because of more than the usual late or middle of the night painting sessions. 
      was aiming at high tabletop quality. 
      Officially rolled : Mint green, Cloudy Grey and Marine Teal

      with no further ado 


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