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Djinn's Studio & Workshop 2018

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My most-liked drawing is a portrait of K2SO from Rogue One. I feel your pain!


Makes sense, though. People who already like the IP plus people who like your work.

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Haha, yeah Mary, I've never used a mill or any other real machine tool either, but I've become aware of what they can do through my metal casting hobby.  One thing I know for sure is, the machines are quite hypnotic and relaxing to watch running.  I could spend hours watching a shaper do its thing...


Hey Djinn, do you know about David Gingery's 7-volume "Build your own metal working shop from scrap" series?  Gingery literally wrote the book on building your own milling machine.  The individual books (1: charcoal foundry, 2: lathe, 3: shaper, 4: milling machine, 5: drill press, 6: dividing head & accessories, 7: sheet metal brake; then there are numerous other books not in the numbered series as well.) are cheap and can be ordered online or downloaded from the kindle store, and may provide some ideas and/or inspiration.  If needed.



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Apparently whereas October is Inktober, May is "MerMay", where people draw a mermaid every day. I am not going to do it every day, but I am going to draw a few of them.




Mantis shrimp mermaid.




Ooh, sounds like a good read, everything I know about machining has come from pestering my brother and watching Youtube videos.


Though speaking of which: a non-update on the mill build.


My brother didn't tell me, but he bought a modular all-metal 3d printer for my dad that, with a few bolts, can be quickly changed into a CNC router. Looks to be 1/8" spindle, which is what my machine would have accepted anyways. So now I'm seriously considering whether or not to finish this build or use the router for most of what I would have done. I'll have to play with its limitations, but if this covers all my small work needs, I might just end up buying a Taig after all...

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That is by far the best mermay piece I've seen! Love the play on legs with the front grabby things.

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