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Traveller RPG: Element Class Cruisers Box Set

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I have a soft spot for Traveller deck plans, and this set reminds me of the old Azhanti High Lightning box set which was incredibly useful.






Welcome to the Element family of cruisers, one of the mainstays of the Imperial Navy and a common sight throughout the Third Imperium and beyond.  

This Kickstarter project is to create a brand new box set for the Traveller roleplaying game, detailing the three main classes of cruiser within the Element cruiser family, together with 10 massive double-sided blueprints that will allow you walk through each deck of the ships as if you were there...

You can download preview PDFs showing some of the content right here:


Excerpt from Handbook
Fore Section Blueprint

The Element Cruiser Ship Builder's Blueprints box set will contain:

  • Ten gigantic (28" x 40") two-sided, full colour blueprints, laying out every deck of the ship.
  • One full colour, 64 page book covering the three main cruisers of the Element family, along with full High Guard game rules and optional ship equipment.

Serving On Board A Cruiser  

We have done deck plans for every ship covered in this edition of Traveller, but we have seen a chance to really knock the ball out of the park and 'super detail' one of the largest ships in the Imperial Navy.

Each blueprint has been meticulously worked upon, and includes revisions and optional equipment, allowing you to tailor your own Element cruiser to specific mission roles.


The accompanying book sets the scene for cruisers and how they are used in Charted Space in general and the Imperial Navy in particular, then follows the design process of the Element family, from initial navy specification to maiden voyage. 


The Element cruisers have a highly flexible 'pod' system that allows them to be configured for specific mission roles, and we have covered them in this book -  from the 'standard' missile pod fit most commonly used on these ships, to long-ranged strike craft, light carriers, troop transports, and orbital assault ships, all are possible with the Element cruisers and have been included.

This has necessitated the introduction of an expansion to High Guard, detailing the new ship options now available.


However, this box set is about more than the hardware, and the duties of each individual crew member are examined, along with their integration into the full complement of the ship, commanding officers and security access.

We have gone into a lot of detail with these ships, in the handbook as well as the blueprints themselves!


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Like many deckplans I've seen, this one makes the ship look like a funny shaped hotel in space.  I'm not seeing any machinery that take up decent area of a ship with berthing worked around it.  I'm not seeing compartmentalization.  I'm not seeing structure.  So, from that standpoint, they're not really satisfying as a deckplan.


The number of times I've needed and expect to need the complete deckplans of an armored cruiser are vanishingly low.


I don't think this is a good project for me at this time.

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One of the great things about the original Ashanti High Lightning plans was that you could use individual decks as plans for facilities or buildings with some imagination and hand waving.  Doing so was even a canon use as a few of the class were broken up and repurposed in that way.


The plans do include decks that are mostly equipment.


Looking at the example above, I do see areas sectioned off by hatches, and each deck would be its own compartment as well.



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