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Darsc Zacal

Northmen - A line of 32mm pewter Norse miniatures

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Kinda feels like Norse and "northern" miniatures are the new Cthulhu/zombie/dwarves on kickstarter.





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They've got some decent females there, but they're also charging $6 for each mini, and you don't seem to get any rebate if you buy more sets.

I'm a bit on the fence, really. 


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Figured I had to support a local company, plus I'm getting overtime this month so I will have funds.


They are now funded too.

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Last day for this one. It funded and has reached a couple stretch goals:


There is a freebee mini for any pledge of $30 or more:




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This is delivering, I received my minis yesterday. I ended up getting a set plus a half dozen minis from the web shop. They are nice, good casts and size is very close to Reaper minis.

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