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The Report Button.

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Every single post has a report button.



What happens when you click the report button, aka report a post?

It is like pulling the fire alarm to call emergency responders.

Reporting a post is a big deal.  All Administrators receive emergency notifications and all of the Moderation staff are informed.  All of them.  This included the company owners.  They regularly ask for information on why we have reported posts.  


Why should you report a post?

You should report a post when there is a blatant rules violation that needs to be addressed in a timely fashion.  The best example of this are the spam-bot posts that pop up occasionally.  These should be reported.  


What should not be reported?

Reporting a post because you made a duplicate post or thread is not appropriate use of the report button.  Messaging a member of the moderation team is the proper way to handle that. 


  • If you are confused about whether a post ought to be reported, ask one of the moderation team for clarification before you push the Report Post Button.


How do I find the moderation team to know who to ask for help?

They are listed under the "Staff" link at the top of every page directly below the header.





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