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Box of Goodwill round 6 arrival/departure thread. NO CHATTER

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Here's the official arrival/departure thread for round 6 of the Box of Goodwill.


Remember, no chatter here, please. Do it here instead:




Marvin---sent 1 Mar

FireEyes---received 3 Mar, sent 10 Mar

Flit--received 13 Mar, sent 20 Mar

HateToWin  (dropped out)

HjorHrafm---received 22 Mar, sent 28 Mar

Painting Dog--received 30 Mar, sent 10 April

Gaming Dog--receiver, sent 12 April

Inarah---received 15 Apr


Generic Fighter---sent 15 Mar

Dilvish---received 17 Mar, sent 30 Mar

Jsalyers--received 2 Apr, sent 13 Apr

Glitterwolf--received 20 Apr, sent 23 Apr

RobinH---received 30 Apr, sent 4 May

AutumnHare---received 12 May, sent 19 May

Horned Turtle---received 23 May,

Generic Fighter---received 30 May


Guindyloo---sent 3 Mar

MadJack--received 5 Mar, sent 14 Mar

Pingo--received 21 Mar, sent 2 Apr

Green Eyed Monster--received 5 Apr, sent 20  Apr

Ulfheathen--received 23 Apr, sent 11 May

Sylverthorne---received 15 May, sent 31 May

Clearman---received 02 Jun


Pcktlnt---sent 28 Feb

Keianna---received 2 Mar, sent 09 Mar

Broonkah--received 12 Mar, sent 19 Mar

Chris Palmer--received 22 Mar, sent 26 Mar

Aryanun--received 29 Mar,

Ultrasquid---received 31 May, sent 20 Jun

Paradoxical Mouse---sent 06 Aug

Pcktlnt---received 09 Aug


Clearman---sent 26 Feb

Disserma---received 1 Mar, sent 8 Mar

Kristof65--received 10 Mar, Sent 12 Mar

Kangaroo Rex--received 14 Mar, sent 22 Mar

Wyvern Fire--received 24 Mar, sent 31 Mar

Crowley--received 2 Apr, sent 7 Apr

Izzy Lobo---received 12 Apr, sent 23 Apr

Guindyloo--received 26 Apr


Rob Dean---sent 17 Mar

Erimys---received 20 Mar, sent 22 Mar

Inarah--received 24 Mar, sent 2 Apr

Haldir--received 5 Apr, sent 12 Apr

Samurai Jack---received 15 Apr, sent 27 Apr

Froggy The Great--received 30 Apr, sent 19 May

Lidless Eye---received 21 May, sent 23 May

Rob Dean---receieved 25 May


Chaos Wolf---sent 12 Mar

Shadowphase---received 14 Mar, sent 19 Mar

Hungerfan--received 21 Mar, sent 28 Mar

Smokestack--received 30 Mar, sent 31 Mar

Necromancer--received 2 Apr, sent 6 Apr

Thes Hunter

Arc 724---received 9 May, sent 29 May

Chaos Wolf---received 31 May




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pcktlnt box will be delivered to post office tomorrow for @Keianna . Stupid long meeting at work postponed my drop off today.

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On 3/4/2018 at 2:29 PM, Guindyloo said:

I dropped my box off at the post office yesterday on its way to @Mad Jack


 Quickest mail ever. Box arrived today.



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22 hours ago, Disserrma said:

The @Clearman box is on it's way!


It's supposed to be here tomorrow. Can't wait to rifle through it!

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      This is one of the figures I nabbed from the recent BoGW.  Our group is currently running Rise of the Runelords, so my husband the DM was very happy to gain another ogre.  It is hard to tell in the photos, but the nasty looking sword in back was done in folkart color shift green flash paint for a nasty looking magic weapon.

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      The following will be the shipping order:
      Pingo---arrived 11/27, sent 11/28
      RedAmbrosia---arrived 12/1, sent 12/12
      Sanael---arrived 12/13, sent 12/19
      Izzylobo---arrived 12/22, sent 12/29
      Strawhat---arrived 1/3,
      Knarthex (Not part of the box, he has just volunteered to ship to Europe)
      Glitterwolf---arrived 2/23
      Alchemist---arrived Feb 28, sent March 6
      RobinH---arrived 3/21, sent 3/21
      Chris Palmer--arrived 4/1, sent 4/4
      Ttuckerman--arrived 4/6, sent 4/8
      Generic Fighter---arrived, sent 4/14
      Fire_Eyes---arrived 4/17, sent 5/3
      Disserrma--arrived 5/5, sent 5/11
      Chaoswolf (if there's anything left; I'll just transfer it to the regular BoGW)---received 5/12
      Please update this thread when you get the box and when you send it on to the next person.
      Any questions? Ask them here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76906-reapercon-bogw/&
      or PM me.
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