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14291: Standard & Musician, Necropolis by Glitterwolf

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4 minutes ago, 72moonglum said:

Always nice to have a musical skeleton!



I like how it is a violin!

We don't see that much, it immediately made me think of Dance Macabre.

The set comes with an extra set of Violin so the Wraith could also get one!

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13 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

Awesome!  Skeleton Bard.


Thx, I liked the unusual instrument.

Almost all musician types have either a drum or a horn.

I liked this a lot.

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11 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Good work on them!


>wanders off in search of some holy water to put into the super-soaker<





Hey! Leave my Undead alone!

They're just playing music and waving flags...totally innocent I tell you!

Don't mind the horde of armed Undead that will follow them, they are just ehhh.. fans...

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7 hours ago, ub3r_n3rd said:

Nicely done!


Thx for stopping by Paul!


I'm glad you like them!

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    • By HolkDiggity
      I wish my phone camera could get better photos of this mini, but the contrast is so wide that it just doesn't want to cooperate. I wanted to practice some OSL, and I chose violet. I also wanted to try building a different kind of base, and the wraith seemed like it would look at home in a bog. I think the back turned out better than the front. I may go back and deepen some of the front shadows at some point.
      Tips on OSL and other things are welcome!

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      My painting time is pretty limited these days, but I still fit it in here and there. I find elementals to be excellent and relaxing subjects for brief speedpainting sessions; their crude natures are very forgiving for the time-constrained.

      This guy is a pretty hefty piece of metal & a nice unique sculpt.
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      This guy stands on a GW base but, according the the local aficionados, isn't.  It's in 5 or so pieces, stands around 10cm tall if I recall, and is molded in a very light but not flimsy plastic--I had to hold it a while to make sure it wasn't resin.  Ideas?

    • By HolkDiggity
      If you watch the latest Reaper Live, you can hear my question about this legendary mini. For the record, normal Reaper paints did indeed work, though I had to conjure an anti-magic barrier to get the primer down first!

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