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So @Zink's thread here...


...inspired me to try my hand at creating an Elven catapult with Fusion 360 and my printer.  Rather than hijack his thread anymore, it's time to create its own thread.


I'm not anywhere near done, but I went ahead and printed out a prototype of my design so I could get a better feel for things and tweak it. Here is Sir ForScale checking over the construction so far:




I'm glad I decided to print out a prototype now.  I found that my tolerances are too tight for some of the assembly, and that I need to fix how the center piece goes in.


I could probably merge it all into one piece, and print it as a single piece, or maybe two, but I am trying to keep the pieces fairly flat so that it can be mailed in an envelope.


Trying to figure out what elven looking wheels without spokes would look like, as I think spoked wheels might be too delicate to print at this size

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Like how it looks so far. ::): Maybe a bit small but resizing isn't that hard is it? I like the idea of having spoked wheels but understand you've got limits. Would it be possible to make a solid wheel with a bit of detailing to look something like these?

Image result for gw elf chariot


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The decorations are too fine on those wheels to do, but a similar 3 spoke design might be doable. 

and now I want to to a chariot...

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1 hour ago, kristof65 said:

and now I want to to a chariot...


Welcome to my world. See one thing which leads to wanting another and on and on. 


Even thick spokes based on something like this would look cool.


Wheel rim around the outside, fill in the middle of the leaves and add a hub. 


You've probably mentioned before but what printer are you using? I'm really interested in getting one sometime but haven't pulled the trigger yet yet. 

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I have a Prusa i3 Mk2S.  I'm told it's capable of being tuned to finer details than I'm getting, but I haven't made the effort to tune it further, as I'm relatively happy with what I'm getting. 


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I completely redrew this to upsize it, and fix some fit and construction problems  New prototype is on the printer now.


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2nd prototype print finished. The first prototype is in the background.



Sir ForScale is telling me I'm almost finished with it, and to just get it done.


I'm inclined to agree with him.  I only have a couple of pieces left to make it "workable" (in the sense that it will assemble, and be a reasonable facsimile of a catapult).


BUT...I'm growing increasingly unhappy with it. Why?


Because the perfectionist part of me wants to  spend the time to really polish it up and refine it as best I can, while the practical part of me just wants to finish it and get back to my Cowboy UV project.

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I like it. There's always more little details a person could add but I think the only thing you really need is a roller at the back for pulling the arm down.

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This is as done as it's going to be for awhile:




I enjoyed doing this just from the perspective of the learning experience and exploring mine and my printer's capabilities.

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