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Invisible Hobbit

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On 2/28/2018 at 5:55 PM, LarsM said:

Thank you for the very kind replies.

I cant take credit for the idea. I have a couple of warhammer 40k Tau XV25 stealth battlesuits in an upcomming project, and googling around I found pictures of them painted like this. So I wanted to try it.


I remember seeing a couple of those. They are very cool, but your hobbit does the whole idea credit. Nicely done!

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Absolutely jawdropping effect there.


As for the magic ring vs cape debacle...

A ring must effect everything the wearer is wearing or carrying, so must have a 'field of effect'. It would have affected his tunic and other clothes, too.

But the Cape is the only item showing camouflage effects, and only on the back.

Ergo, it must be the cape itself, or possibly the brooch or whatever is holding it together that is causing the effect.

(The brooch would be my guess. It's 'filming' and replaying what is in front of him onto the back of the cape. It's not an invisibility spell at all, just a 'projection' spell. I would guess that the cape was made by an apprentice, and sold off by an unscrupulous trader as the 'real stuff' at a 'slightly' inflated price... )



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That illusion is crazy good! I really had to squint to see where the cloak ends against the wall. Do you have some kind of marker or inlay in the terrain to tell you where to place the figure?

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On 3/5/2018 at 8:26 PM, Fire_Eyes said:

That illusion is crazy good! I really had to squint to see where the cloak ends against the wall. Do you have some kind of marker or inlay in the terrain to tell you where to place the figure?


Sorry for a (very) late answer.

Yes, I made a quite nicely fitting shallow (is that the right word?) in the terrain to fit the original base of the mini, to be able to take the mini on and off while painting the effect, and checking from the right angle.

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Oh I like that so much and I just watched return of the king a few days ago

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      Good evening all!
      So here's my last Hackmaster endeavor, another Jim Johnson figure (really enjoying painting his sculpts), an Elf Magic User with a staff throwing a fireball. I think he was sculpted around 2003 like the previous female elf magic user, and the figure it all kinds of fun.  As always I didn't know what colors to use. I ended up making him blonde, after deciding on lilac for my female mage, and then started painting him from the inside out. I grabbed his shirt as a bright yellow, pants orange, and then I started thinking more autumn colors so red inside of his cloak and the cloak itself an earth brown.
      Pretty straightforward figure, didn't have lots of dingly Dangley items going on.  Hackmaster figures either have a lot going on or they are simply elegant.  With them as well, they are larger figures, not the classic 25 mm from early Partha, but this is a line that they acquired not too long ago and in itself was sculpted in this century so a bit of size creep will have occurred. You can see the size difference in these and other figures Jim Johnson sculpted for the Partha brand. 
      Did a green flame, now I've done a couple magical green flames instead of just normal fire color, and I'm still way too chicken to do OSL.  Maybe someday. In the meantime, hope you enjoy him!
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      Hello all,
      here is another Hackmaster figure I completed a few nights ago, a Female elf mage, sculpted back in 2003 by Jim Johnson. This is the first time I can recall I've taken an elf and given her an "alternative" hair color, so I hope she looks okay.  This was actually a pretty fun and straightforward figure to paint, not too many hanging, dingly-dangly extras going on.
      She's one of the many Hackmaster/Kenzer and Company figures that Iron Wind Metals acquired a while back.  I'm really enjoying painting them up!
      Anyhoos, enjoy!
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      These are a couple from my shelf of shame. They're 1978 Ral Partha gargoyles now produced by Iron Wind Metals. I originally thought they were some sort of Imp and started painting them that way. Then I discovered what they were and put them aside until I could strip them and start over. Then I decided I liked them better as imps so I gave them each about 5 minutes of attention and now they're ready to start tormenting my players. 

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      Good morning all, 
      so my group of six hobgoblins has finally been completed, the female archer from Reaper, the Shadowrun punk goblin and now these four Hackmaster Goblins.  It feels like I've been working on them forever but in reality, I probably started working on all of them in mid-November, so I guess it just feels long, and wasn't actually too god-awful time consuming.
      Like the other hobgoblins, I worked on their skins all together and they are pure orange, I kind of deviated I think a bit from the official Monster Manual that talked about them being orange to red toned.  I did throw blue noses on these ones however, as they had pretty good noses for the coloring.  
      And with these, I'm putting in lots of photos because they are in kind of poses what best show from a number of angles, so hopefully this is okay. The photos are pretty small so they shouldn't make anybody's life too miserable.
      And one question if anybody knows.  Does anybody have an inkling who actually sculpted these?  These I think are back from around 2003.

      I tried to make sure the armor looked worn, as I didn't figure this rag-tag bunch of beasties would be taking too good of care of their items, so hopefully it doesn't come off as too shiny.  I didn't make it too rusty however. I did throw in some washes of rust brown here and there.
      Anyways, hope you all enjoy these little creatures!  I think I'm done with hobgoblins for a good, long while!
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