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Neo-Soviet Future 15mm Army in Progress (armies Army, GZG & others) (Pic Heavy)

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Hi All,


I'm starting this thread to show the progress of a Neo-Soviet 15mm army I've been meaning to paint for quite a while .you know the feeling think thats great idea to collect but don't get around to starting them...


Heres the lot that will be painted up most of the Vehicles are from Armies Army (sold to Brigade & the Scene in the UK I believe) the BTR 160s & BTR 290s are nice as there are lots of variants APC's Ambulance, recovery vehicles etc which will work well for scenarios which we hope to play.


Time to get these out of Storage



A lot of Vehicles


Nice castings


Heavy support from the QRF range




Air support / transport (I think this was from the Critical Mass games collection)



Infantry (AA which I think Brigade has now)



Extra bits such a crew, disembarked crew, machine guns, stowage to add to vehicles




Some GZG Robots to be used as mobile gun platforms



So as you can see quite a big force I'll keep this thread going as I add to it over the year, I may add a couple  of more items as I have no proper tanks in the force and brigade models has now reproduced its 6mm range into 15mm




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Ok this was the 1st test run of the BTR160s APC versions from AA this will be the Camo scheme that I'll use throughout the Army.

base colours added



Tabletop finished could go back and do a little more with the vision slots and stowage & possibly some markings but it looks ok on the table for now.





Next batch to do will alternate between these & the Cavs depending on what mood I'm in to paint :poke:




BTR160 Repair / supply Vehicle (Armies Army) nice as it can be used for either by swapping out the top of the trailer



BTR160 ADV (Armies Army) Who doesn't like some air defence 



Now some Heavy boys which are actual Modern Soviet vehicles from QRF both heavy metal kits

An Akatsiya (Acacia) 152mm SPGH (x2) with a couple of extra stowage items added



A 2S19 MSTA 152mm SPG again a couple of bags camo nets will be added





Thats all for now will add a couple of pictures as it progresses




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Not a lot to update on this project ATM, I've been working on my buildings but these have now been cleaned and undercoated and base colours added also decided not to do the 2s19 in this batch just kept it to 4 vehicles as the repair APC is almost like doing another vehicle as well. 

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Ok finally made some more progress on this project, heres a group photo of the above items painted up I also did these slightly different from the 1st ones as the strips are thinner but I think I'll go back to the thicker strips for the rest of them as the 1st APCs look nicer to me that way.




BTR160 ADV (Armies Army) Turret moveable




BTR160 Repair vehicle with ammo/Fuel trailer top swaps out nicely (Armies Army)






A pair of Akatsiya (Acacia) 152mm SPGH (x2) (QRF)



Now for the next batch to be done




BTR160 MGS (Armies Army)



BTR 160 Katyusha 300 (Armies Army)




BTR 160 Sk 'Oko' Drone Carrier







BTR 290 PocoMaxa "Wolverine" (Armies Army)





The extra machine guns have been added by me each vehicle still needs some stowage added to them also thinking of making a towing rope out of the brass wire I have in last picture as it looks about the right scale. Ive also left a couple of hatches open as I have some 1/2 figures as crew to stick in them will pin them so they can be removed or added as wanted.


thats all for now



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Very cool project; you're making good progress with it, too.

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On 3/23/2018 at 10:11 PM, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Very nice.  The thinner strips look good, but I agree that the wider ones are even better.



Yep agreed nice to know that someone else sees it the same way, I've done a little work on the 'Wolverine' notice I had the gun on the wrong end on the original quick mock-up only when I was starting to work on it properly I realised it was the wrong way around.

The crew are on longer sticks than they will be just for painting thats why they seem to sit up in a few photos, some greenstuff stowage has been added to each side as well








Sans crew



Crew which can be put in or out of each of the vehicles when painted these are from Brigade Models in the UK



catch you all laters



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Just waiting on the varnish to dry on this batch then I'll get some pictures up meanwhile here is the next batch that I'll be doing


4 vehicles and some repair & armed dismounted crews




3x BTR290s APC's (AA now thescene)



BDB525 mustox armoured car (AA now thescene)



Armed dismounted crew (brigade models)




repair dismounted crew (brigade models)



As usual I'll add a little stowage on them to make them a little different.




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Ok Varnish has dried these are the pictures for the 3rd batch done came out a little darker than I wanted but overall quite happy I'm happier with the slightly thicker stripes that I've done with these I'll be doing this for the rest for sure.




Separate crew can be placed in hatches as needed or just for show



BTR 160 Sk 'Oko' Drone Carrier (Armies Army now thescene)




BTR160 MGS (Armies Army now thescene)




BTR 160 Katyusha 300 (Armies Army)




BTR 290 PocoMaxa "Wolverine" (Armies Army) with crew in place and last one without to show the difference 








Thats all for this update I must admit I really liked the way the Wolverine came out its a nice model to paint and looks good on the table.





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