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I have been busy but not posting threads recently. I have been using a range of models to play Lions Rampant and Dragon Rampant. For this I have used a combination of Bones and other figures. 


As I don’t have enough archers, I have opted to use some of the add on models from the Black Plague Kickstarter. 


First up is the paint scheme I opted to use. 




The idea is they are what remains of a lords retinue hence the uniform. 




at present I am painting up a batch of six models. 




The last phot shows base colours still being applied. Further highlighting takes places prior to a wash of Agrax Earthshade. 


As as always comments welcome. 

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Those are among THE COOLEST Deadites I have thus far seen. The paint scheme you chose is OUTSTANDING.

This will be a fine thread to follow for its inspirational value. Have FUN with them all!

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Terrific Sculpts !!!

They have real personality, and are each unique !

Really like the color scheme !!!

Well Done !!!

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Thanks for the comments. These models have been on my painting tables for weeks whilst I decided on the scheme. I am glad it appeals to others. 

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Progress has been made on these although a bit slower then I would have hoped. But the remaining five zombie archers are painted similar to the first. 







Now all that is left is a coat of varnish and to sort out the base. 



The next batch is now on the painting table along with a few other models. 


First up up is a selection of zombies. These have been under coated black to hide an earlier attempt at painting them by my five year old son. 




also included is a larger zombie I had forgotten I had started to paint. 




as always comments welcome. 

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Noo why did I open this thread, now I'll have to paint my Black Plague minis up now I've seen these done.


But seriously nice paint job on the skeleton archers they are nice sculpts looking forward to seeing the rest of them getting finished.

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Well the hulk zombie is now complete. Happy with the tabletop standard. 





And here is a group shot of the work done so far. 




A few tufts on the base and they will be ready to use. 


As always comments welcome

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1 hour ago, Silvervane said:

I like the idea that the Zcide abomination  (bulking zombie) grew so large it's skin ripped.

They are really nice sculpts as well. Plenty of detail for tabletop. 

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More progress on my zombies although not many photos of the steps. 










I am happy with the results of these. But to finish the full set for the game I may need to batch up and paint multiples in the same scheme. 


As always comments welcome 

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