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Ral Partha Witch Doctor: 01-338

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Some classics.  So much smaller than the more modern minis I've been working with, picking out the details was a challenge.  But it was lots of fun.  Even researching for colors was a hoot, partly because of all the cultures these minis pull references.  So politically incorrect, ha.  Yay, fantasy.


I wish I'd picked up more of this series back in the day.








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 Iron Wind Metals, man... They've got most of 'em. They're all buried in the fantasy player characters section of their webstore, listed individually, and sometimes under different numbers, so you have to know what they look like to find them. Fortunately, the Lost Minis Wiki can show you that.


 Awesome work on these guys.


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Nod.  I've picked up some pieces from them the last couple years at Gen Con.  But as you've said, they don't quite have all of them.

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    • By Vacaroja
      Pulled out one of the many in my old school collection and finally painted it up.  Part of my New Year's resolution which is to not buy any new minis this year and paint what I already own, some of which goes back 30+ years.  At some point I may put together a resolution WIP thread to help me stay focused.
      Mixed up somewhere in the depths of my cases are the people that came with this beast and someday maybe I'll get to them.  If I can find them and all their parts!


    • By Pingo
      I could have sworn I already asked about these, but darned if I can find where.

      I got given a handful of old school lead figures from a couple of generous sources. Some of them I figured out immediately what they were or lucked into info on the Lost Minis Wiki.

      But these ones have me stumped, despite in some cases clear markings. May I ask for some help from the collective wisdom?

      I believe most of these to date from no later than 1991 or so.

      They have been primed and washed with a thinned brown to bring out detail.

      1. Some sort of pretty early orc-goblins, no base markings (subsequently glued to pennies). I found pictures of them in a group image on ebay with information so inaccurate it was laughable.
      Identified by K2h2m3 as from the Grenadier set AD&D 5002 "Monsters", Goblin w/ Axe and Goblin w/ Sword, 1980-1982

      2. (Central figure only) A wizard with upraised staff, manufacturer unknown, base markings unclear. He's the figure in the middle (the other four are identifiable as from the old Grenadier boxed set 5001, "Dungeon Explorers").
      Identified by Rob Dean as from Heritage Models set 1302, "Evil Wizards and Ring Wraiths", FF2-A, sculptor unknown, circa. 1980?, no later than 1981-1982

      3. A witch, base markings "MP90" or "HP90" and something unclear
      Identified by Xherman1964 as Metal Magic C1017c, "Witch with Cat", sculpted by Michael Immig, circa 1992.

      4. Possibly an elf?
      Identified by knarthex as Ral Partha 01-319, "Elf Thief 3 Stage" 319b (stage two), sculpted by Tom Meier, circa. 1986.

      5. An unusually tall for the time ninja, apparently signed "Ridolfi" on the bottom and with the possible date "90"
      Identified by Bob Ridolfi as one of his earliest efforts with an extremely limited distribution, see post 17 below.

      6. A fighter, possibly a paladin with a mace, very clearly marked "Grenadier 1991 A644" -- and I still can't find any information or visual confirmation on him!
      Identified by alchemist as from the Grenadier set 1414 "Fighting Men Champions", sculpted by Mark Copplestone, 1991.

    • By knarthex
      So the Pathfinder game was played last Saturday, and a friend from collage that still plays with us brought up a box of old lead that he was going to put on evil bay, and asked me if I wanted any of them.....
      (Anyone care to guess my answer?)
      So I refrained from taking the whole box and grabbed the following:

      Ral Partha:

      These critters are called 'Hexers' or something like that I believe

      R.Charrette, 1989 on the base
      These guys reminded me of Anhurians

      1992 on base
      These guys had odd helmets that I kinda liked...

      R Charrette and 1989 on base again
      This guy just struck my fancy for some reason:

      Ral Partha 84 on the base...
      As soon as I saw this guy, I thought of the Dark Enabler, The Like Bomber, & CW....

      R Charrette and 1989 on base again
      (So when I paint this guy, which one do I skin for him???? )

      The Dwarf Bear rider was just.....

      A422  1989 on base
      This Orc? Ogre? was kinda neat, so....

      M459   1991 on base
      And I just like this guy!

      His boots are claws, His visor reminds me of a Traveller character I had back in High School that a different friend drew a pic of for me, and his shield is neat!
      FP41   1987 on base
      They are all going to go for a swim in paint stripper, as soon as I can find some gel type....
      Aint friends wonderful?
    • By Grim
      I met my parents for dinner on Wednesday, and much to my surprise they handed me a box filled with old Minis. I mean, really old. Stuff I bought when I was a kid. So I thought I'd throw this out there, for the coolness factor, and also to see if anyone can identify these guys.
      First group shot - a bunch of Dragon men (I suspect they may be Dragonlance Draconians) a small dragon-like thing, and a Frost Giant with a broken weapon. Also, a robot:

      The Draconians's bases are stamped "Grenadier 1984," the Giant's is engraved the same, and the robot's is engraved with 1987.
      Second picture... did you know that Demogorgon meets Tiamat at the library on Thursdays? True fact:

      The Prince of Demon's base is stamped Grenadier 1984, the Queen of Dragons' is engraved with 1987. I suspect that neither of them are actually "Tiamat" or "Demogorgon," but Grenadier minis made to "coincidentally" look like them. The bookcase is unstamped on the bottom - I think it was a part of a set of some kind.
      Speaking of, have two side views of her

      I have her other wing, it just came unglued, but the tail piece is alas gone!
      Darkrasp, evil priest, decided to join this rather reptile-heavy party to show scale creep -

      Please note I'm fairly sure the Draconians are supposed to be slightly larger than human...

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