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Guindyloo and Buglips paint Dungeon Dwellers 07001 Rictus the Undying

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On 3/9/2018 at 11:21 AM, buglips*the*goblin said:

I wanted my Rictus to have an old look to his armor, but I had to think about it some.  I decided the best way to proceed would be to make it look like aged bronze.  Rictus might be 100 years old, or 1000.  I figured an overall bronze look might make him look more like he came from a different era.


So to do some really old looking bronze, I chose old reaper pro paints Pewter, Copper, and Chestnut Brown here:




I stirred those together and added a few drops of Reaper brown liner to tone the mix down a bit.  I didn't go as dark as I usually would for a basecoat because I'm going to be using a black wash here and there anyway.  When I go to do that I can either do it very precisely in just the crannies, or an all over wash.  I'll figure that out by feel when I get there.




I put it on and immediately liked the result.  It's a pretty good look for him.  At this point I'd like to say that even though Rictus looks like he ought to be pretty fiddly, it turned out that he was pretty easy to paint.  This is mostly a workflow thing, he's sculpted with easy transitions between parts so you don't wind up having to do a lot of retouch because you hit stay spots.  He's a very painter-friendly piece.




Then I decided to paint his base broccoli.  I mixed some old reaper pro paint shield brown with some old pro paint sage and then threw a lot of brown liner in.  I just need it to look sort of earthy.  I also painted the shade colour of his reds, in this case old pro paint aged red brick:






That done, I mixed some pewter up with some brown liner for his sword blade and scalemail bits, and did the hilt and pommel of his sword the same way using old pro paint dragon gold.  The bits of cloth he has hanging off his sword arm and around his midsection I did with coat d'arms Hairy Brown darkened with brown liner.  His boney bits and horns got Reaper Master Series Bone Shadow.




That finishes most of his baescoats so the next stage I can start using a black wash. 



Mr Buglips, please explain how you get such great close up pictures!

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6 minutes ago, edz16 said:



Mr Buglips, please explain how you get such great close up pictures!


I thought my pics were pretty terrible, actually.  I have an older Canon Powershot A480 and I use macro mode, then hope for the best.  

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@Guindylooi think I need a tetanus booster just looking at your pictures... 


And now I need to buy some secret weapon paint..

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13 minutes ago, Crowley said:

@Guindylooi think I need a tetanus booster just looking at your pictures... 


And now I need to buy some secret weapon paint..

Was thinking the same thing. Thanks a lot, @Guindyloo ::P:


But seriously, that is impressive! And it’s neat to know there’s a word for my painting technique...

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2 hours ago, Crowley said:

@Guindylooi think I need a tetanus booster just looking at your pictures... 


And now I need to buy some secret weapon paint..


I kind of feel the same, doubly so with the whole secret weapon paint purchase... So hurry up and get here spring!  Oh, and if Mastercard wants to help out too, I won't complain :p  I've wanted their wave one paints for a while now - ever since I found out about them, actually... 


1 hour ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

Looking for Secret Weapon paints? I know a guy. :devil:


I suspect several of us know a specific guy, maybe even the same guy.  But the question is, do I go through your guy, or dare I deal.... Directly with the devil, I mean website? :p  (I'd deal with Meeple, but they're out of sooo many of them) 

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Despite the fact that I can ramble on forever when I really love paint, I think these in particular speak very effectively for themselves. And you’re all very welcome. ::P:

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So continuing on from my last work post and my emergency fix of his arm, so as to make him look less mutated, there wasn't a whole lot left to do on him except his shield.  And minor touch-up where my fix mangled a bit here and there. 


So the shield metallics were done the same as his armor and sword.  Same three basic colours: bronze mix, pewter, dragon gold.  I chose pewter for the outside rim to match the pewter I'd done on the back.  This is a useful trick for shields so you don't have to mess about with a transition zone between unlike metallics front-to-back.  If there's a sculpted transition or clear boundary I might exploit it, but if not I usually make the rim of the decorative front match the rear of the shield.  The center portion with all the squiggly texture got bronze, and the ring around the boss got dragon gold.  I should also note that part of choosing to do the outside rim of the shield in pewter was to help balance out all the bronze on his armor and make a clearly visible distinction at a distance between his armor plates and the shield. 


So since from there it was just blackwash and layering again, here's the first stage:




Second, shinier stage:




And shiniest stage, which I decided was shiny enough.  It's not quite as many layers as the armor, but the shield overall catches a lot more light.  Remember that painting is not an exact science, so you should always feel free to modify your method to make things look more "right" than to just repeat steps.  You can see in the following pic that even taking off a highlight step the shield looks much brighter than the armor, even though both were done the same way:




That done, I decided to do the round center boss as a gem.  Truthfully I'd usually do it as metal, but I didn't just want to make it gold since there's such a nice deep ring between the outside and inside.  Having already used my staples of copperish, silverish, and goldish I couldn't think of a good different metallic that would look right except an off-colour like red steel, green steel, etc.  I figured if I was going to go through all that trouble for it then I might as well just make it a gem.


There are many great tutorials for painting gems out there, this is just my low-effort "close enough" quick way.  It generally works out okay on smaller gems, but for larger ones (or for a more convincing effect) you may want to look up a proper tutorial.


So first I took a medium purple, in this case Reaper old pro paint Imperial Purple, and darkened it with coat d'arms black.  Note that usually I darkend with brown liner, but I chose black because it would give a deeper looking shadow.




From there I thinned my imperial purple about 5 drops of water to one drop of paint and began highlighting just the lower part.  Once that built up a bit I started adding some dragon white to it in small quantities.  Each time I added a drop of white I also added a drop of water to keep the mix thin.  Once I felt it looked bright enough then I simply added a white dot in the dark purple portion to simulate light reflection.  This all sounds like a bit of work, but because the working area was so tiny it only took about 5 minutes.  Layering is pretty quick with small bits.  This is also why sometimes you'll notice my pouches or leather straps wind up with more pop to them than swaths of cloth, it's just easier and quicker to bring them up to a nice highlight.  (I'm quite lazy)




And with that, Mr. Rictus is finished and ready to join the many Reaper skeletons on my shelf as their new leader.  I have a lot of skeletons, a ridiculous amount of skeletons.  I think it's because they're easy and fun.  Some day a whole bookcase will just be skeletons for no reason.


Rictus was an absolute treat to work on, even with doing the arm the stupid way.  If you missed him as a freebie, he's definitely worth a buy - an instant classic that's fun to paint.  If you paint your own Rictus, tag me in your post with @buglips*the*goblin so I don't miss it and I can see what you did with him!  Have fun!  I look forward to seeing all the neat versions of him!

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I love how your gem turned out :wub:

And I have just realized that I’m painting his thighs like cloth but you and Michael Proctor both painted them as metal.........which makes a lot more sense since he’s wearing a full set of armour.... oh well, my Rictus is like “I don’t need to protect my thighs, YOLO” ::P:

Orrrrrr I might correct that. :lol:

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I think it’s because he definitely has cloth on his arms so my brain reasoned that he’s thighs must be cloth as well? I don’t know. Fortunately the rust effects will be super simple to do again....which is a good thing anyway since I’m not saying I forgot about his shield arm.....but I kinda sorta totally forgot about his shield arm. ::P:

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