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Yet More Mushrooms, Faerie Folk Types: DONE!

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17 hours ago, SisterMaryNapalm said:

I really love the little fighters. Did you make them? (Did I miss something?!)


And the "tree house" is also quite impressive! Wow!


Thanks, Sister. The Goblins are Rebel Miniatures Dark Hold Goblins...very nice line of minis.


2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Painted tree looks awesome!


Can't wait to see the gobbos painted and guarding the tree.


There is a lack of room on the finished base for the Guards. One or two may be placed by the side hollow eventually.


AND DONE! The finished Entrance to the Faerie Kingdom seen here on the worktable:



& in a somewhat more photogenic setting...somewhat:



The Welcoming Committee:




Front Door...someone stole the Welcome mat:




The Hollow may be a Guard Shack eventually:




NOW on to new adventures...most likely.

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This is a masterpiece!

I hadn't realised these shrooms would be positioned like that.




Welcome mat? More like a "are you sure you're going in? " mat.

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24 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

This is a masterpiece!

I hadn't realised these shrooms would be positioned like that.




Welcome mat? More like a "are you sure you're going in? " mat.


...I wasn't sure how the Mushrooms would be placed or how much space they would occupy. They squeezed out the Guards, at least, by the door.

I am glad you like the results. Thanks for the reply, Glitter.


4 minutes ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Wow, an amazing piece!

Love the colours!



Thanks for the kind reply, Jasper. I am happy you like it...especially the colors...man!

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6 hours ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

Those eyes...they are...very realistic...kind of made me squirm just looking at them. Great job!


...the gloss finish makes quite a difference with the eyes...they are actually wood beads.

Thanks for the kind comments, Paradoxical Mouse. I am delighted you like it.

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