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Darsc Zacal

Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

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1 hour ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

Not just "partnered" I'd say ... one company ran the Mythic Battles KS and suddenly Mythic Battles now belongs to the other company ... Don't even want to know what was going on behind the curtains.


Mythic battles had a game that had cardboard chits a couple years ago... Mythic Battles the original game, was out before Conan. Conan was strictly Monolith. Both companies were individual companies for both of those.  I beleive Mythic partnered with Monolith to make miniatures as Monolith had just finished Conan and had good results. 


After Mythic Battles ended, I dont think Mythic planned on doing any kind of retail support or follow up. Monolith bought it so that they could expand the range. I am not sure if they plan retail or not. But they must see some profit potential if they decided to continue without them. Not sure if there was any kind of falling out or if it was just that Mythic didnt want to continue.


Both my Conan minis and Mythic Battles minis are excellent, but as I feared I have not played either once... Probably still in for Ragnarok when it comes.


Zombicide though... I am pretty sure I am not gonna back. I would likely just be in for the minis  and at this point I only like 1... so..

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42 minutes ago, CashWiley said:

That one seems to have lost a lot in translation from concept.

Yep. Disappointingly it's not speaking my language.

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After seeing that abomination (apt name) I'd rather talk about Solomon Kane! :D


OT: Beast of War has some teaser articles for SK and Dakka has a thread.

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I really thought I would be in love with this one, but all I can think to describe it is "meh."

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The more I see of these sculpts, the worse I think of it. This could have been a lot better if they would have kept the art and design style from the original zombicides.

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Yeah, that abomination looks like it has buttons all over it's belly.  Not a fan of that one at all.

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Well, the kickstarter's launched.  I put in a dollar to keep up to date with updates, but as things stand I expect I'll end up cancelling it.

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Can you actually steal Harrison Ford's face like that and slap it on a drawing?  It's like they're not even trying to pretend any more ...


Something tell me I'm not going to see any pigs in space.  This all looks very po-faced and serious.

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