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Geoff Davis

02599 Frorigh WIP

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02599: Frorigh, Frost Giant  Jason Wiebe  P65 version


This is another one from my shelf of shame.  He has been there since around 2011.  




He ended up on the shelf of shame for several reasons.  One was that I couldn't blend the greens to save my life.  I still can't, actually, and I gave up.  He is the P65 version so he also weighs a lot.  I'm not sure exactly how much, probably more than a pound.  Every time I picked him up I put him back down.  I've had a couple of injuries over the last few years (broken wrist, compressed bone in my other arm) which made holding a heavy mini like this not fun. 


I also had problems envisioning what he was supposed to look like finished.  No inspiring vision, not fun to hold, progressively worse paint job, so he was abandoned. 


However, I have now run out of relatively easy paint jobs on my shelf of shame and its time to face a tougher one.  So I am committed to getting him done.  No quitting allowed. 


I went looking for inspiration and found this incredible rendition of Frorigh by @Pingo:  Frorigh by Pingo


It reminded me of this day:




That's me.  Standing on a hilltop just below the Arctic Circle on Baffin Island.  At noon.  In January 2000.  It was about -30 C.  So like an idiot I took off my glove for a macho pose.  Lots of pink and blue in that picture, much like the lighting Pingo used on her rendition of Frorigh.  It inspired me to make a spring rendition instead.  in the spring the sun is still low on the horizon, but the light is intense, and it's relatively warm.  As soon as the snow melts enough to expose the ground, the flowers start blooming.  Behind the snow drifts and rocks, there are still long dark blue shadows.


So, I have decided to do my rendition of Frorigh with the light shining as though the sun is low on the horizon shining down directly on top of his helmet.  I'm going to add a couple of extra snow banks.  I'm also going to try to put some appropriate small flowers on the base between the shadows.  Directional lighting effects from the low sun.  SENMM on the shield boss and helmet.  Okay, here we go.

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Base coats have been repainted, highlights have been added for brown, grey, blue and green.  Hair has been given highlights of golden blonde and linen white.  Shadow positions and directions have been roughed out on the base. 


This first photo is looking from the direction the sun is shining on him. 








Additional highlights added, oxford blue used to mark the positions of the shadows of the snow banks as yet to be added.  Some reflection colours added on the horns of the helmet.  These will hopefully look a bit duller compared to the NMM that will be on the helmet and shield.  


This is the view from the light direction.







This is exactly opposite from the light direction.  The flesh has been shaded in this direction, but it probably needs to be shaded further.  I added blue to the flesh tone and used a bit of purple wash already.  I will probably do the same again but slightly darker. 




I think I need to darken the fur on the back of his legs a bit further.  The light blue highlight on the outside edge of his right thigh is probably too bright as well. 


The major steps remaining are:


-grey the wood on the front of the shield to make it a lighter tone and make it looked a bit weathered


-add the snow banks


-paint the three snow banks


-do the SENMM on the shield boss and helmet


-do the duller nmm on the axe and shield rim


-brighten the sunny side of all the small rocks and the boulders to match the brightness of the highlights on his clothing.


-add flowers


Any comments, criticism, advice will be appreciated.

Edited by Geoff Davis
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A very interesting exercise in directional lighting that makes the figure quite out of the ordinary. And I like the ragged trousers.

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This is really nice so far! I'm loving the directional lighting, and I can't wait to see how you handle the SENMM on the shield boss.

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Made some progress this morning.  I greyed the shield to make it look more weathered and give it brighter highlights.  I might need to go brighter yet to match the rest of him.




I also took a close look at his eyes and decided they needed to be redone.  They were nice and bright but not the same size, etc.  Here are the ones I did a few years ago:




The new ones don't seem as bright but they are closer to the same size.  I'm pretty happy with how the colour and white light reflection dots turned out.  




I've been working on painting the snowbanks and trying to get the colour and texture to look similar between the three.  Two are made with baking soda/pva glue, the other is the original one which is his base.  Next step will be highlighting all the little rocks.





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A bit of progress.  I did the highlighting on the small rocks.




Started the NMM on the axe. 




Started the NMM on the shield and marked the highlights for the SENMM on the helmet and shield boss.  Big challenge will be that the helmet will also reflect the horns, hair and green shirt.   The shield boss being a full hemisphere will reflect everything in sight which includes the shield itself, the green shirt, the hair, the helmet, the axe, the snow patches on the ground, the sky, etc etc.  Fortunately its a small area to paint, not like Chromegear.





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Big challenge of reflections in the shield boss and helmet proved to be too much.  I hard time with basic blending.  I think I used the wrong colour blue.  Anyway, I'm happy overall with how he has turned out, even though I'm not happy with how the SENMM turned out.  I think part of the error was having the ground colour be so grey which made the reflections grey as well.  A little more brown in the ground colour would have helped. 







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