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Otherworld Miniatures - Medusa

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Really nice whites on her chiton.


And aren't Bones great for cheap statues?

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I really like the "cool" shadow look to the white robes.  Is the flagstone texture on the base custom work?  (E.g., putty?)

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1 hour ago, Jordan Peacock said:

I really like the "cool" shadow look to the white robes.  Is the flagstone texture on the base custom work?  (E.g., putty?)


Thanks, the base was made using a base stamp (Basius, if I recall correctly).

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6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Wonderful job!


She Rocks!

<_<I see what you did there, Glitterwolf...


Nice looking Medusa. I see so many minis of her that have the snake lower half and her boobs hanging out, but this one is really nice and a bit more in line with what I'd be looking for in a medusa if I was ever going to use her. I'll have to remember to keep an eye out for this mini. Love your petrified heroes/statues. All rather static poses, so their good for that utility. Nicely done.

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Very cool paining on her!


I like her new ornaments, too.

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    • By Metalchaos
      Here's 01572, Maddie the Chibi Gorgon (Medusa), Special Edition Bonesylvanian Figure sculpted by Julie Guthrie.










    • By Crowley
      As November's Hangout Figure of the Month, we picked Medusa 77037/02833. Now, because of boobs, I can't share most of my pics of her.
      However you can see them at my blog:
      Part 1

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      At this point I just need to touch up a few spots, flock the base, and she's done!
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      This will be the leader of my band of snake women and medusae.  It's a quickie tabletop paint job because the Bones casting isn't great but I used the opportunity to practice some NMM on the weapons. 
      Head shot: 

      Link for nudity:
      Rear view:

    • By MKCS
      I finally finished this gang of porkers!  It's been 3 years since I finished the first hog.
      I fell in love with these piglets, it's nearly the complete series.  I'm missing three I believe.
      The standard bearer was my first (pitiful) attempt at freehanding.  It turned out a little GW-ish, but what are you going to do...
      Most of the models were fantastic. A couple had some casting issues.   Mangled mouths were disappointing, but I think I fudged them back to life half decently.
      It feels good to finally have them finished.
      Once I recover financially from Bones IV (Thanks Reaper!!) I'll have a hard look at both the hobgoblins and kobolds that Otherworld offers.
      I hope you like the ol' school look!

    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      When my first present - please check here ->Let's present a ... present! Owl Mage<- was received pretty well by our female colleage, my boss asked me to do more.
      This time the task was to make a present for another colleague who left us. As he was in the military and also is a passionate diver, I thought of something military.
      What would be a better fit than German combat divers (Kampfschwimmer)? Luckily I found a bunch of German frogmen miniatures and ordered them immediately.
      When I told my boss what I had in mind, she asked me to include the following elements:
      1st: Frogmen
      2nd: An owl (of course)
      3rd: an exit
      4th: a sign that links the colleague to our work.
      Everything else was free for me to develop.

      As Frogmen often use beaches to infiltrate or exfiltrate an area, the overall idea was to create a beach setting.
      So I went down to the beach, spent some hours there swimming, enjoying the sun and making sketches, until I finally had an idea what I wanted the diorama to be like.

      The owl should be sitting on a sign that warned of mines - but instead of a mines warning there should be an inside joke written on the board we often did at work.
      The exit should be between two dunes and be marked by another sign. And the Kampfschwimmer unit should be astonished by what they witnessed.
      So I started painting the combat divers.

      After that I assembled the owl, used plastic styrene to cut out two signs, assembled them an started painting.

      Still I had one problem - the showcase I ordered ... *chuckles* didn't show up. That sounds funny at the moment but should be a problem later on. And as I was doing a second diorama at the same time, the pressure increased ... *Insert creepy music here*
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