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Bones Sphinx

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Splendid!  I love the vibrant colors, and I positively envy your ability to paint a miniature face. 

I don't think I would have imagined making the wings of a sphynx so colorful on my own, but in retrospect I suppose it is only in keeping with the look of how wings are portrayed on Egyptian amulets and so forth.  Very nice!  You've inspired me to imagine a sphynx differently now.  :)

I'm not sure what to make of the ruins.  I guess it should be chalked up to "fantasy architecture," since it doesn't really evoke the capitals of any Egyptian columns I've seen for reference.  I guess I'd be inclined to treat the surfaces as all relief, with the "arches" purely being a decorative element on the surface, rather than trying to suggest negative space with the black.  I also think I would have gone with bland sandy colors for the base in general -- I probably would have interpreted the piles of broccoli-texture as SAND rather than creeping foliage.  Your interpretation, however, is far more visually interesting and colorful than what I would have probably come up with.


Now that this has finally shown up in the store, I hope I can find it at my FLGS.  I was wary of getting it at the Kickstarter: the pricing and apparent size set off my suspicions that there would be no savings for getting it as part of the Kickstarter, and that I might as well play it safe and see how the actual model turns out once it hits the stores.  So far, it looks like I had nothing to fear and I would have broken even either way.  (Well, except that I really have no particular use for or interest in getting a manticore....)


Thanks for the inspiration!




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I had assumed the thing she was standing on was a casket or sepulchre or something, not a full-sized building. Nice painting, by the way ^_^

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She’s beautiful. I love those translucent pink nails.

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Thanks guys. 


@Jordan Peacock, I did use a pictures of various Isis statues as color inspiration for the wings.  Oh! *sand*! Now hat ounsay it, of course that was probably supppsed to be sand piled on the base. :rolleyes:  I had no idea what to do with it when I saw it so, I did what I usually do with unidentified base bits: moss.  Ah well. At least it allowed me to put some color down there to balance the green in her wings. 


@Pingo  She may be an intelligent lion-like creature with wings, but by gosh, lions are light colored and have clear nails. Anything else would just be silly. :lol:

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